May Banquet court announced

Lakeside Lutheran High School hosts its annual May Banquet and Dance on campus Saturday, May 5. Themed “Jazz in the City,” the night begins as doors open for seniors at 5:00 and open to all at 5:30 p.m., followed by a 6:00 p.m. dinner. A Grand March takes place after dinner, when May Banquet king and queen are announced. A video tribute to seniors is slated as part of the evening’s entertainment along with a dance that lasts until 11:30 p.m.


Members of the May Banquet senior court are (couples, L-R) : Kelsey Birschbach, DeForest  and Noah Gartner, Johnson Creek; Kailey Schoenherr, Sun Prairie and Brett Schwantes, Madison; Katrina Stratman, Beaver Dam and Ethan Miller, Lake Mills; Sophia Collins, Lake Mills and Joseph Grambsch, Columbus; Samantha Kluever, Marshall and Skyler Christianson, Janesville.

“The Nifty Fifties” takes stage April 27-28

Lakeside Lutheran High School is nearing its final week of practice for the spring production of the comedy musical “The Nifty Fifties” on Friday and Saturday, April 27-28.


FiftiesRehearsals (2)
The cast nears the end of rehearsals for the Lakeside Lutheran spring comedy musical “The Nifty Fifties.” Performances are set for 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 27-28.


In this musical comedy that will have audiences cheering, Gracie Stanley (played by senior Maria Werre, Sun Prairie) has gotten herself in hot water by promising to deliver her distant cousin, rockstar Ziggy Springer (senior Charlie Pingel, Sun Prairie), for the high school Hippity Hop at Louise’s Luncheonette. Ziggy’s manager, Lennie, (junior Justin Learned, Watertown) doesn’t want his client performing anywhere without pay, so Gracie and her friends have to produce a double and fast! They use a singing soda jerk (senior Isaiah Coleman, Watertown) and plan to have him perform in the dark! It won’t be easy for Gracie to get away with this one with her rival, snooty Muffin Mansfield (sophomore Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson), waiting for her to flop.

FiftiesRehearsals (1)
The “mean girls” spar off against the “good girls” in a rehearsal for “The Nifty Fifties.”

Meanwhile, diner manager Louise (junior Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie) has her own problems. The building’s owner forbids the dance and plans to turn the eatery into a dry cleaner. With all of this happening, Gracie’s brother (senior Andrew Burk, Johnson Creek) is living in terror because he’s smashed up a Harley belonging to Sinbad Gallucci (junior Lucas Schneider, Waterloo), a bad dude.

Will Gracie be able to keep her promise or will she fall flat on her face? Come back to the fifties and see for yourself!

Other 1950s characters include diner waitresses Virginia (junior Sophie Griffin, Madison) and Edna (senior Emily Raymond, Sun Prairie); Muffin’s mean posse Ann (sophomore Anna Bilitz, Madison) and Jane (junior Molly Lindloff, Lake Mills); Gracie’s goodie girlfriends Rose Marie Famiano (senior Emma Guld, Lake Mills) and Evelyn (junior Olivia Fregien, Madison); the nerd Jughead (senior Aaron Natvig, Cottage Grove); teen hunk George (junior Al Wood, Madison); beatniks Riff (junior Ben Huebner, Madison) and Misty (freshman Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc); Lennie’s secretary, Beverly (senior Alyson Steffan, Lake Mills); and Officer Moore (sophomore Bronte Perkins, Madison) and Mrs. Nicholson (junior Maddie Klug, Ixonia). A female chorus rounds out the cast that includes senior Gabby Grunewald (Bettendorf, IA), junior Kira Tweit (Madison), sophomore Kendra Kasper (Helenville) and sophomore Hannah Koenig (Cambridge).

The production is directed by Pastors Clark Schultz and Mark Toepel, with choreography by Becca Lauber, musical talent management by Jim Buege and Brian Schmidt, and costuming by Sandra Corlett. Mr. Damon Tracy heads up a crew of student for lights and sound. Students from TechEd, under Mr. Jeff Meske, built the staging, and art students painted, directed by Mrs. Lori Tetzlaff. Student stage managers are junior Rachel Poyner (Madison) and Kristina Meinel The Nifty Fifties is presented by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

The show will be at 7 p.m. each night. Reserved floors seats are available for $8. Advance Tickets are available online at or by calling 1-800-838-3006. Walk-up unreserved bleacher seats will be $5 both nights.


FiftiesRehearsals (5)
The cast rehearses one of the full cast musical selections in preparation for the Lakeside Lutheran spring comedy musical “The Nifty Fifties,” onstage at campus April 27-28.


LLHS Quarter 3, 2017-18 Honor Roll

Lakeside Lutheran High School is proud to announce its honor roll for the third quarter of academic year 2017-18:

High Honors Honor Roll (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Grade 9

Elizabeth Brudos, Janesville; Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc; Lydia Buxa, Oconomowoc; Cooper Clark, Lake Mills; Jack Egelseer, Lake Mills; Kinsey Gade, Lake Mills; Kylee Gnabasik, Jefferson; Megan Grambsch, Columbus; Jada Gresens, Sun Prairie; Ashley Grundman, Waterloo; Austin Haley, Watertown; Graham Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Maya Heckmann, Middleton; Caitlin Heinrich, Madison; Emmilee Hillier, Sun Prairie; Joshua Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Rachel Huebner, Madison; AnaCristina Iglesias, Watertown; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; William Jorgensen, McFarland; Payton Kuepers, Madison; Sydney Langille, Lake Mills; Madison McGurk, Lake Mills; Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills; Haylee Meske, Jefferson; Hailey Miller, Sun Prairie; Mia Murray, Middleton; Micah Nasett, Marshall; Julia Neuberger, Lake Mills; Kaylee Raymond, Sun Prairie; Carter Roekle, Middleton; Payton Roth, Watertown; Stephanie Schafer, Lake Mills; Evelyn Schauer, Watertown; Riley Schmidt, Janesville; Caroline Schulz, DeForest; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Morgan Slonaker, De Forest; Devin Splinter, Ixonia; Emma Strohm, Watertown; Claudia Stuebs, Lake Mills; Jennifer Taylor-Evert, Beaver Dam; Jada Teteak, Middleton; Joy Thompson-Wurz, Lake Mills; Sarah Ulsberger, Fort Atkinson; Tersony Vater, Watertown; Seth Veers, Cross Plains; Kendra Wilson, Cottage Grove; Laura Zank, Juneau

Grade 10

Madeline Abel, Fort Atkinson; Emma Berg, Madison; Anna Bilitz, Madison; Annika Bilitz, Cottage Grove; Ryann Burger, Lake Mills; Oliver Butler, Ixonia; Alicia Childs, Columbus; Isabella Collins, Lake Mills; Samantha Detert, Watertown; Kyle Doering, Lake Mills; Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Trevor Geerdts, Lake Mills; Emily Godwin, Madison; Calvin Grant, Sun Prairie; Cody Gumz, Marshall; Gilbert Haw, Marshall; Janae Jensen, Juneau; Kristin Karas, Milton; Kendra Kasper, Helenville; Lydia Krenke, Jefferson; Serena Leis, Wilton; Seth Lozano, Waterloo; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Brynn McDermott, Poynette; Katelyn McGurk, Lake Mills; Elise Meier, Watertown; Micah Missall, Rio; Alessandra Murray, Sun Prairie; Logan Pampel, Johnson Creek; Bronte Perkins, Madison; Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Breanna Preskar, Juneau; Megan Reinke, Watertown; Alex Ryan, Lake Mills; Owen Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Cole Schuster, Juneau; Espen Storlie, Jefferson; Katie Stuebs, Lake Mills; Molly Sturgill, Waterloo; Dinesh Tadepalli, Sun Prairie; Lauren Thiele, Poynette; Kirsten Thundercloud, Jefferson; Amber Wardall, Waterloo; Grace Westrate, Sun Prairie; Christopher Yunck, Lake Mills

Grade 11

Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie; Olivia Andress, Oconomowoc; Abigail Buxa, Oconomowoc; Margaret Cody, Juneau; Will DeNoyer, Sun Prairie; Alyssa Fehrman, Juneau; Benjamin Grambsch, Columbus; Katherine Guld, Lake Mills; Lukas Heckmann, Middleton; Gracie Hillier, Sun Prairie; Brevin Jegerlehner, Sun Prairie; Paul Johnson, Janesville; Grace Krieser, Stoughton; Rebecca Lang, Lake Mills; Cole Lauersdorf, Oconomowoc; Kayla Laures, Jefferson; Kyle Leis, Wilton; Grace Loescher, Watertown; Taylor Luetzow, Watertown; Mariah Mortensen, Beaver Dam; Ethan Neumann, Oconomowoc; Chad Nolte, Janesville; Mira Parker, Deforest; Lucas Schneider, Waterloo; Kaitlyn Shadoski, Janesville; Jackson Stake, Stoughton; Anna Swenson, Beaver Dam; Kira Tweit, Madison; Taylor Wolfram, Fort Atkinson; Peter Zambo, Lake Mills

Grade 12

Kalies Birkholz, Watertown; Skyler Christianson, Janesville; Zachary Cichanofsky, Watertown; Jenna Gaal, Oconomowoc; Kaitlyn Gehler, Waterloo; Emma Guld, Lake Mills; Kelly Koch, Watertown; Samantha Kohls, Waterloo; Kaitlin Main, Juneau; Ashley McLain, Juneau; Melissa Murack, Sullivan; James Neuberger, Lake Mills; Charles Pingel, Sun Prairie; Emily Raymond, Sun Prairie; Katharina Schleef, Watertown; Emelyn Schoeller, Helenville; Sarah Taylor- Evert, Beaver Dam; Morgan Thiele, Poynette; Philip Treptow, Avalon; Gerald Weber, Sun Prairie; Matthias Winters, Watertown

Honors (3.25 – 3.749 GPA)

Grade 9

Isaiah Andress, Oconomowoc ; Kendra Blake, Watertown; Nathan Chesterman, Sun Prairie; Isabella Cook, Hartland; Adriana Genthe, Lake Mills ; Kristel Hafenstein, Beaver Dam; Julia Hallman, Fort Atkinson; Samuel Ibeling, Cambridge; Jordyn Jaeger, Lake Mills ; Kyle Jaeger, Watertown; Joel Kluz, Juneau; Anna Kreutz, Madison; Olivia Krieser, Stoughton; Elizabeth Loppnow, Lebanon; Remy Matthews, Sun Prairie; Emily Meiller, Madison; Hannah Meyer, Lake Mills ; Isaiah Minning, Watertown; Isabella Mueller, Sun Prairie; Benjamin Neumann, Oconomowoc ; John O’Donnell, Madison; Olivia Odrich, Verona; Ian Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Kennedy Pugh, Watertown; Ryan Punzel, Watertown; Alyssa Ratzow, Watertown; Logan Reich, Jefferson; Lillian Runke, Sun Prairie; Jack Schultz, Columbus; Darren Schuster, Juneau; Anika Stone, Fitchburg; Lily Storlie, Jefferson; Evelyn Terry, Ixonia; Olyvia Uecker, Watertown; Gabriel Uttech, Fall River; Amber Vertein, Watertown; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam; Nicholas Yaroch, Fall River

Grade 10

Jocelyn Asmus, Lake Mills ; Ashley Behnke, Watertown; Kaitlin Burk, Johnson Creek; Kaitlyn Buss, Watertown; Matthew Davis, Lake Mills ; Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson; Connor Dobson, Johnson Creek; Elli Duddeck, Ixonia; Haakon Ellestad, Sun Prairie; Arthur Evangelist, Lake Mills ; Daniel Faupl, Watertown; August Gresens, Sun Prairie; Matthew Gunst, Hartford; Jacob Holmes, Jefferson; Jacob Horta, Helenville; Karissa Kilian, Lake Mills ; Elijah Knapp, Ixonia; Hannah Koenig, Cambridge; Abel Krauklis, Lake Mills ; Taylor Laures, Jefferson; Michael Martin, Watertown; Wesley McLain, Juneau; Kobe Paske, Arlington; Carter Schneider, Jefferson; Collin Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Emma Statz, Jefferson; Nathaniel Stout, Janesville; Tyler Surges, Nashotah; Isaiah Terry, Ixonia; Keira Thurnbauer, Lake Mills ; Ashley Valerio, Watertown

Grade 11

Janelle Arndt, Watertown; Seth Bolin, Lake Mills ; William Bushie, Watertown; Olivia Fregien, Madison; Noelle Gates, Middleton; Seth Hackbarth, Lake Mills ; Tyler Holzhueter, Waterloo; Jennica Jensen, Juneau; Olivia Kassulke, Watertown; Madelynn Klug, Ixonia; Caleb Kuepers, Madison; Luke Marti, Oconomowoc ; Jack Monis, Oconomowoc ; Hayden Oestreich, Watertown; Ryan Preskar, Juneau; Caleb Raymond, Sun Prairie; Dominic Schmidt, Watertown; Dustin Schulz, Beaver Dam; Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Christopher Schwantes, Madison; Amanda Seelman, Watertown; Luke Stauffacher, Madison; Maxwell Thiele, Oconomowoc ; Max Thomas, Watertown; Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc ; Hannah Tucek, Lake Mills; Olivia Turke, Oconomowoc ; Isac Veers, Cross Plains; Hannah Willems, Johnson Creek

Grade 12

Sofia Asmus, Lake Mills ; Kelsey Birschbach, DeForest; Sophia Collins, Lake Mills ; Alyssa Condon, Watertown; Samantha DeNoyer, Fort Atkinson; Kaitlyn Drewicz, Watertown; Amber Fortney, Columbus; Ashley Fritz, Middleton; Joseph Grambsch, Columbus; Timothy Grant, Sun Prairie; Kayla Grundman, Waterloo; Gabrielle Grunewald, Bettendorf, IA; Emma Hans, Jefferson; Isaac Heckmann, Middleton; Shannon Jones, Johnson Creek; Samantha Kluever, Marshall; Isaiah Lenz, Oconomowoc ; Hannah Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Maria Murray, Middleton; Aaron Natvig, Cottage Grove; Ian Olson, Sun Prairie; Devon Perkins, Madison; Eric Pillard, Oconomowoc ; Amber Rowoldt, Watertown; Mary Schallert, Cambridge; Brett Schwantes, Madison; Katrina Stratman, Beaver Dam; Elizabeth Valerio, Watertown; Emily Weber, Helenville; Maria Werre, Sun Prairie; Ellie Westrate, Sun Prairie

Commendables (3.0 – 3.249 GPA)

Grade 9

Joseph Balistreri, Watertown; Micah Cody, Juneau; Stephanie Georgi, Sun Prairie; Connor Griffin, Lodi; Bryan Guzman, Madison; Nathaniel Heins, Ixonia; Henry Horne, Lake Mills; Colin Johnson, Sun Prairie; Brandon Kilian, Lake Mills; Jaden Madrid, Watertown; William Meland, Verona; Ryan Reyes, Watertown

Grade 10

Karleena Battist, Waterloo; Maximus Bennett, Fort Atkinson; Monica Bischoff, Juneau; Bryce Eckhardt, Watertown; Jeremy Hathaway, Watertown; Daisy Penaloza, Watertown; Maria Saavedra, Watertown; Grace Thomas, Watertown; Noah Vanderhoof, Beaver Dam

Grade 11

Tyler Affeld, Watertown; Caleb Bilitz, Lake Mills ; Vanessa Bischoff, Juneau; Miranda Blake, Watertown; Megan Borth, Watertown; Carson Brumm, Lake Mills ; Jaclyn Davis, Marshall; Maddison Fenner, Fort Atkinson; Sophia Griffin, Lodi; Joshua Groninger, Janesville; Kaleigh Hatcher, Oconomowoc ; Cannon Kerr, Watertown; Carter Kexel, Lake Mills ; Emily Meske, Jefferson; Austin Meyer, Lake Mills ; Charles Miller, Sun Prairie; Timothy Nommensen, Deerfield; Cameron Paske, Arlington; Casey Ponyicsanyi, Lake Mills ; Rachel Poyner, Madison; Jacob Ulrich, Lake Mills ; Albert Wood, Madison

Grade 12

Rebecca Detert, Watertown; J Doyle, DeForest; Noah Gartner, Johnson Creek; Benjamin Hodel, Lake Mills ; Noah Lorenz, Watertown; Jeremy Nehls, Juneau; Cade Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Dustin Pampel, Johnson Creek; Kailey Schoenherr, Sun Prairie; Meghan Splinter, Ixonia; Alyson Steffan, Johnson Creek; Griffin Torgerson, Watertown

Principal’s Pen: Are you sure?

Do we know — for sure?

Job may well be one of the oldest Bible books. It raises an age-old question:
Do we know — for sure?

Throughout Job, he made pointed statements. “But a man dies and is laid low; he breathes his last and is no more.” [Job 14:10]. He also asked tough questions. “If a man die, shall he live again?” [Job 14:14].

redeemer_16912cHis thoughts came from a heart that suffered great personal loss. Yet, by faith, he also exclaimed, “I know that my redeemer lives” [Job 19:25]. Job knew this — for sure. With these words, he stood on solid ground. In spite of his troubles, the Holy Spirit led him to speak comfort and assurance to all believers.

Job begins, “I know.” He pointed with certainty to a central truth of Scripture: his “redeemer lives.” Christ is true God. He controls everything. He lives and has conquered death. Paul echoed the same thought: Christ “was appointed the Son of God in power by his resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ [is] our Lord” [Romans 1:4].

Like Job, we, too, may know and believe that our Redeemer lives in spite of our troubles and doubts. This is God’s plan for us. This is why the Bible was written. The Apostle John agrees. “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life” [1 John 5:13].

Through God’s Word, we know — for sure!

Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran High.
Reach him at 920.648.2321 or