Student teacher spotlight: Elijah Kroll


This semester, Elijah Kroll served as a student teacher at Lakeside Lutheran in the Social Studies department. Elijah, who is double majoring in Secondary Social Studies and Elementary Education, grew up in Zambia, Africa, where his father served as a missionary. When he was 13, his family moved to Lake City, Minn., where he attended high school. Now his family lives in Cameroon, where they are again serving as missionaries.

Elijah wasn’t sure he wanted to be a teacher until he was a senior in high school. “I was a camp counselor at Camp Shiloh in Texas and decided that I want to work with kids,” he says.


While he wasn’t nervous about student teaching in a high school, “I can’t help wonder if I know enough,” he shares. While being mentored by Mr. Doering, Elijah learned that “preparation is the key to success, but having fun while teaching goes a long way.”

He’s enjoyed his time outside of the classroom too. “Giving chapel and extra curricular activities are probably my biggest highlights,” he says.

As for the future, “I currently am trying to figure out whether or not to take a call out of MLC or to go abroad and teach. Please pray for me as I make this decision.”


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