Student teacher spotlight: Kati Guenterberg

bobbingKati Guenterberg literally dove in head first with student teaching this year. “On my fourth day here, we bobbed for apples in homeroom! I had so much fun with that!” she shares.

Kati, who is in Mrs. Schommer’s Language Arts classroom, grew up in Appleton, Wis., and graduated from Fox Valley Lutheran High School in 2014.

A double major in Communication Arts and Literature and Elementary Education, Kati loves language. “I have always been a very passionate reader and I want to help share that with my students,” she says. “In addition, I adore people and working with them. I think it is incredibly rewarding to see that ‘Aha!’ moment in a student.”2018-12-06_1523

She is comfortable in the classroom except, “I am really short! Most of the students are taller than I am and that made me a bit nervous,” she admits. But those fears were quickly put to the side. “The culture is just so positive and Christ-centered. It is just so calming and wonderful to have the Word at the forefront of each day.”

Being in the classroom has helped her grow. “I am continually working on becoming a more consistent and organized teacher,” she says. She will spend next semester student teaching at the elementary level.


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