The Lakeside Legacy

“…where two or three have gathered together in my name, there I am among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

It’s a climate. That climate is a practice field or a court of play where coach and players have learned to trust and respect each other. In defeat and victory, character is built. God has placed Christian role models together with Christian athletes. In the intensity of sport, they together learn that Christ is what truly matters most.

It’s a climate. That climate is a hallway where sinful behavior collides with loving rebukes. It’s a hallway where tears of hurt are met by words of joy and love. It’s a hallway where greetings and fist bumps are genuine expressions that we are all glad to see each other. It’s a hallway where students and staff lift each other up. They are the face of Jesus to each other every day.

It’s a climate. That climate guards and guides our online activity to the best of our ability. We expect a disciplined use of every information highway. We strive to see that Christ permeates our constant communications and that his love covers a multitude of all our sins.

It’s a climate. That climate is a classroom where students and instructor learn to trust and respect each other. It’s a climate where moments of great learning, planned or unexpected, happen because God has placed his children into settings of excellence and love.

It’s a climate. Christ-centered education is not just offered at Lakeside. From chapel to parking lots, the words of Jesus saturate the plans of every lesson, the activities of every club and team, the voices of every hallway and, most importantly, the hearts and minds of everyone in the building. It is a promise of Jesus we take seriously: “…where two or three have gathered together in my name, there I am among them.”
Pastor Helwig joined the faculty in 2018. He teaches 12th grade Religion classes, including Christian Apologetics and Christian Relationships, and some 11th grade Church History. He also serves as our Operation Go mission trip program administrator.

This article was taken from our Legacy magazine, which was published in Dec. 2019.

The Lakeside Effect

Before I came to Lakeside, I really didn’t know much about it. I knew people who had attended, but I never asked many questions. When I accepted the call to teach here, I was blown away. The faculty is helpful, positive, and supportive—things much desired by a newer teacher in the field. The school environment as a whole is friendly and welcoming. The students impress me with their words and actions and overall attitudes.

One of the greatest things about Lakeside is the opportunity to hear God’s Word every single day, and I get to teach it! I love being able to read and discuss the Bible with my 104 sophomores. That exposure to Christ’s love shows itself in many ways, but I especially see it in my players as boys’ soccer coach. Many times, I’ve received comments from referees or coaches about the quality of the young men I have as they represent their school and Savior out on the field. The same could be said of many of our students that are involved in the countless activities available at this school whether athletic, academic, or arts.

Lakeside helps students grow in their faith and in their confidence to show that faith to the outside world. I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

Eric graduated from Illinois Lutheran High School in 2013. After studying business for two years at Wisconsin Lutheran College, he transferred to Martin Luther College to get his teaching degree. He graduated in 2018 and taught 3rd-grade at St. John’s Lutheran Primary School in Antigua. He is in the middle of a one-year call to teach sophomore religion and coach soccer.

This article was taken from our Legacy magazine, which was published in Dec. 2019.

Principal’s Pen: Paying it forward

Print“Paying it forward.” It’s the practice of paying a stranger’s bill with no expectations. You may have “paid it forward” for someone—or someone may have “paid it forward” for you.

By grace, we have experienced “paying it forward” in our lives.

In his epistle to the Ephesians, Paul wrote to believers who were under fire. The times were perilous. The persecutions had begun. Nevertheless, Paul encouraged the Ephesians and believers of all times to walk with Christ and serve him in unity and love.

b12year17ecEarly in the epistle, Paul writes, “In [Christ] we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace” (Ephesians 1:7). Jesus made payment “through his blood.” These words refer to Christ’s death on the cross as sin’s complete payment. His payment releases us from the eternal penalty of sin. Furthermore, it helps us manage sin’s earthly consequences—guilt, hopelessness, and despair.

However, our freedom through Christ is not free. It cost him everything when he died to pay for our sins. What Christ did clearly illustrates grace—God’s undeserved love. By faith, we have the privilege of being God’s children with no strings attached. It is his free gift.

In a sense, Jesus “paid it forward” for our sins. Before we believed, “even when we were dead in our trespasses, [God] made us alive together with Christ” (Ephesians 2:5, ESV). The reason is humanly inexplicable: “for it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast”(Ephesians 2:8-9).

By grace, Christ “paid it forward” so that all believers may enjoy “the riches of God’s grace.

Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran High.
Reach him at 920.648.2321 or

Quarter 2, 2019-20 LLHS Honor Roll

ribbon award honor rollLakeside Lutheran High School is pleased to announce its academic honor for the second quarter of the 2019-20 school year:

High Honors Honor Roll (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Grade 9

Olivia Bartels, Lake Mills; Chloe Berg, DeForest; Molly Betschler, Watertown; Benjamin Buxa, Oconomowoc; Grace Cody, Juneau; Jack DePrey, Sun Prairie; Marissa Duddeck, Whitewater; Evan Ehlenbach, DeForest; James Faupl, Watertown; Jordan Genz, Watertown; Laura Giroux, Horicon; Tyler Griffin, Lodi; Elijah Grow, Cottage Grove; Ethan Gulczynski, Sun Prairie; Juan Gulrud, Marshall; Liliana Haar, Lake Mills; Ava Heckmann, Middleton; Rose Hissom, DeForest; Rebekah Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Emma Horn, Watertown; Grace Korth, DeForest; Claire Langille, Lake Mills; Nora Larson, Columbus; Trey Lauber, Lake Mills; Kendall Lemke, Helenville; Anders Liermann, Madison; Nina Litherland, Columbus; Kayley McLain, Juneau; Abigail Minning, Watertown; Jonah Ozminkowski, Johnson Creek; Grace Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Natalie Raymond, Sun Prairie; Marin Riesen, Watertown; Ethan Schuetz, Lake Mills; Emma Schultz, Lake Mills; Jenna Shadoski, Janesville; Celia Straubhaar, Waterloo; David Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Litzy Toledo, Watertown; Madelyn Vanderhoof, Watertown; Charlie Vogen, Oconomowoc; Hadley Wendorff, Watertown; Isaac Winters, Watertown; Averi Wolfram, Sun Prairie; Japheth Yahnke, Watertown; Carlee Zimmermann, Jefferson

Grade 10

Kaylea Affeld, Watertown; Lydia Bilitz, Madison; Joshua Bittorf, Waterloo; Brynn Boche, Watertown; Ella DeNoyer, Sun Prairie; Keely Draheim, Madison; Sarah Fisher, Madison; Aaron Fritz, Middleton; Mya Hemling, Beaver Dam; Samuel Knapp, Ixonia; Caleb Koester, Fort Atkinson; Kathryn Kurtz, Madison; Matthea Lenz, Oconomowoc; Lauren Lostetter, Lake Mills; Kyle Main, Juneau; Audrey Meier, Watertown; Grace Meinel, Verona; Morgan Mlsna, Lake Mills; Riley Parsons, Watertown; Greta Pingel, Sun Prairie; William Popp, Fitchburg; Alyssa Reinke, Watertown; Brock Schneider, Jefferson; Lily Schuetz, Lake Mills; Austin Schwab, Fort Atkinson; Sofia Shramek, Watertown; Hannah Uttech, Watertown; Douglas Weittenhiller III, DeForest; Logan Wensel, Johnson Creek

Grade 11

Ella Butzine, Sun Prairie; Lydia Buxa, Oconomowoc; Jada Gresens, Sun Prairie; Maya Heckmann, Middleton; Caitlin Heinrich, Madison; Joshua Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; William Jorgensen, McFarland; Payton Kuepers, Madison; Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills; Hailey Miller, Sun Prairie; Julia Neuberger, Lake Mills; Kaylee Raymond, Sun Prairie; Carter Roekle, Middleton; Stephanie Schafer, Lake Mills; Evelyn Schauer, Watertown; Riley Schmidt, Janesville; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Devin Splinter, Ixonia; Claudia Stuebs, Lake Mills; Jada Teteak, Middleton; Joy Thompson-Wurz, Lake Mills; Kendra Wilson, Cottage Grove; Laura Zank, Juneau

Grade 12

Emma Berg, DeForest; Annika Bilitz, Cottage Grove; Anna Bilitz, Madison; Ryann Burger, Lake Mills; Alicia Childs, Columbus; Isabella Collins, Lake Mills; Samantha Detert, Watertown; Kyle Doering, Lake Mills; Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Daniel Faupl, Watertown; Gilbert Haw, Marshall; Janae Jensen, Juneau; Kendra Kasper, Helenville; Elijah Knapp, Ixonia; Michael Martin, Watertown; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Brynn McDermott, Poynette; Wesley McLain, Juneau; Elise Meier, Watertown; Alessandra Murray, Sun Prairie; Logan Pampel, Johnson Creek; Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Megan Reinke, Watertown; Alexander Ryan, Lake Mills; Owen Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Cole Schuster, Juneau; Espen Storlie, Lake Mills; Nathaniel Stout, Janesville; Molly Sturgill, Waterloo; Lauren Thiele, Poynette; Kirsten Thundercloud, Jefferson; Ashley Valerio, Delafield; Grace Westrate, Lake Mills

Honors (3.25 – 3.749 GPA)

Grade 9

Shayla Asmus, Lake Mills; Levi Birkholz, Watertown; Leland Christian, Oconomowoc; Annaliese Christian-Cotter, Watertown; Bridget Cichanofsky, Reeseville; Grace Cook, Hartland; James DeNoyer, Fort Atkinson; Julianne Dollard, Deerfield; Nevaeh Dorn, DeForest; Caleb Garcia, Fort Atkinson; Camryn Gilmore, Jefferson; Tyler Gresens, Sun Prairie; Manuel Iglesias, Watertown; Cheyenne Johnson, Jefferson; Caden Knorr, Lake Mills; Owen Kraft, Sun Prairie; Dane McIlvain, Edgerton; William Miller, Sun Prairie; Natalie Punzel, Watertown; Reyna Rupnow, Ixonia; Cooper Tetzlaff, Pardeeville; Cyrus Wilke, Waterloo

Grade 10

Jonathan Abel, Fort Atkinson; Caleb Andrews, DeForest; Isaiah Asmus, Watertown; Caelan Baney, Columbus; Brandon Decker-Gonzales, Waterloo; Mason Eckhardt, Watertown; Emma Etheridge, Madison; Gabriel Helwig, Lake Mills; Logan Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Lola Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Naomi Hundt, Beaver Dam; Benjamin Kasper, Helenvile; Nathaniel Krenke, Jefferson; Claire Liddicoat, Watertown; Aaron Lindert, Watertown; Calvin Murray, Sun Prairie; Carly Paske, Arlington; Annie Povich, Middleton; Jameson Schmidt, Ixonia; Sadie Schneider, Waterloo; Nora Statz, Helenville; Spencer Sturgill, Waterloo; Ianna Wolfram, Sun Prairie

Grade 11

Isaiah Andress, Oconomowoc; Isabella Cook, Hartland; Kylee Gnabasik, Jefferson; Ashley Grundman, Waterloo; Julia Hallman, Watertown; Graham Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Emmilee Hillier, Sun Prairie; Rachel Huebner, Madison; AnaCristina Iglesias, Watertown; Jordyn Jaeger, Lake Mills; Anna Kreutz, Madison; Sydney Langille, Lake Mills; Emily Meiller, Madison; Haylee Meske, Jefferson; Isaiah Minning, Watertown; Mia Murray, Middleton; Benjamin Neumann, Oconomowoc; Olivia Odrich, Verona; Ian Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Lillian Runke, Sun Prairie; Caroline Schulz, DeForest; Darren Schuster, Juneau; Connor Slattery, Lake Mills; Morgan Slonaker, Sun Prairie; Evelyn Terry, Ixonia; Sarah Ulsberger, Fort Atkinson; Tersony Vater, Watertown; Seth Veers, Cross Plains; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam

Grade 12

Madeline Abel, Fort Atkinson; Jocelyn Asmus, Lake Mills; Kaitlyn Buss, Watertown; Oliver Butler, Ixonia; Matthew Davis, Lake Mills; Connor Dobson, Johnson Creek; Adam Frohmader, Fort Atkinson; Trevor Geerdts, Lake Mills; Emily Godwin, Madison; Calvin Grant, Sun Prairie; August Gresens, Sun Prairie; Cody Gumz, Marshall; Matthew Gunst, Hartford; Jeremy Hathaway, Watertown; Karli Johnson, Jefferson; Tyler Johnson, Watertown; Kristin Karas, Milton; Hannah Koenig, Cambridge; Abel Krauklis, Lake Mills; Lydia Krenke, Jefferson; Taylor Laures, Jefferson; Serena Leis, Wilton; Seth Lozano, Waterloo; Katelyn McGurk, Lake Mills; Micah Missall, Rio; Kobe Paske, Arlington; Bronte Perkins, Madison; Maria Saavedra, Watertown; Carter Schneider, Jefferson; Collin Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Katie Stuebs, Lake Mills; Dinesh Tadepalli, Sun Prairie; Isaiah Terry, Ixonia; Keira Thurnbauer, Lake Mills; Nathan Wagner, Roscoe; Amber Wardall, Waterloo; Christopher Yunck, Lake Mills

Commendables (3.0 – 3.249 GPA)

Grade 9

Kaitlynn Ganey, Lake Mills; Chelsea Gumz, Marshall; Elizabeth Gunst, Hartford; Jonah Heyerholm, Cottage Grove; Jakub Junker, Watertown; Benjamin Klug, Oconomowoc; Brandon Kreutz, Madison; Logan Preskar, Juneau; Emmett Schafer, Oconomowoc; Makenzie Sievert, Watertown; Hunter Sommer, Columbus; Chloe Sveom, Fort Atkinson; Ryan Vice, Watertown; Joshua Waack, Watertown; Nathan Yaroch, Fall River

Grade 10

Lilianna Flint, Madison; Carter Huber, Columbus; Jeffrey Kalma, Hartland; Micah Koschnitzke, Waterloo; Ethan Lozano, Waterloo; Tyler Marty, Fort Atkinson; Jackson Milbrath, Watertown; Nicholas Peterson, Sun Prairie; Faith Retzlaff, Columbus; Emily Schafer, Lake Mills; Ethan Schulz, Beaver Dam; Nick Thomas, Watertown; Jayden Thundercloud, Jefferson; Sierra Vogel, Janesville; Katelyn Wagner, Reeseville; Kendra Blake, Watertown

Grade 11

Elizabeth Brudos, Janesville; Nathan Chesterman, Sun Prairie; Micah Cody, Juneau; Noah Fields, Sun Prairie; Megan Grambsch, Columbus; Connor Griffin, Lodi; Bryan Guzman, Sun Prairie; Kristel Hafenstein, Beaver Dam; Austin Haley, Waterloo; Nathaniel Heins, Ixonia; Samuel Ibeling, Cambridge; Joel Kluz, Juneau; Olivia Krieser, Stoughton; Remy Matthews, Sun Prairie; Madison McGurk, Lake Mills; Hannah Meyer, Jefferson; Ryan Punzel, Watertown; Alyssa Ratzow, Watertown; Anika Stone, Fitchburg; Jennifer Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Jeremiah Tratar, Watertown; Olyvia Uecker, Watertown; Gabriel Uttech, Fall River; Nicholas Yaroch, Fall River

Grade 12

Karleena Battist, Waterloo; Ashley Behnke, Watertown; Haakon Ellestad, Sun Prairie; Arthur Evangelist, Lake Mills; Jacob Freson, Lake Mills; Jacob Horta, Helenville; Daisy Penaloza, Watertown; Breanna Preskar, Juneau; Emma Statz, Helenville; Grace Thomas, Watertown

Prom dress resale day this weekend

Lakeside Lutheran High School will host a formal/semi-formal dress resale open to the public on campus Sunday, January 12, from noon to 4 p.m. Much of the proceeds will go to support the school’s upcoming spring and summer Operation GO mission trips.

Organizers are in the process of displaying upwards of 50 dresses in various sizes, styles and colors; some still have their retail tags. Dresses are either donated or consigned and will sell for $25 each or less; sellers can take up to $15 of dress proceeds; some are donating dresses in full. The sale will be held in room 515 in the school; signs will direct on the day of the sale. There will be space and privacy for shoppers to try on dresses. Cash or check will be accepted as payment.

Donated proceeds from each sale will support this year’s OpGo program that is in the midst of organizing 82 Lakeside students in 11 teams for spring or summer trips. Teens will go and assist church efforts in 10 different locations, from mission sites in Costa Maya, Mexico, Arizona and California to New York and New Jersey, from Anchorage, Alaska to New Orleans, helping with a variety of mission activities, from teaching VBS to sharing church info in neighborhoods to assisting with summer sport, STEM and art camps. For more information about Operation GO, visit

The public is encouraged to join in the afternoon of shopping. Anyone wishing to donate or consign a dress needs to contact organizer Jodie Schommer before the weekend at Lakeside Lutheran is located at 231 Woodland Beach Rd. Lake Mills WI 53551.

Annual “Top 10” LL stories of 2019

While the family of Lakeside Lutheran High School look forward to the blessings a new year brings, there’s value—and fun!—in reviewing the past year. The LLHS good news team took its annual look at the 57 news stories and 595 other Facebook posts shared in calendar year 2019 and narrowed them to 10 newsbits that garnered the most attention or celebrated God’s blessing on our school, students, and LLHS community. Enjoy the year in review . . . from the end of 2019 back to the beginning. 

November: LLHS significantly exceeds expectations in DPI study


Your LLHS ranks 29 out of 428 private schools who participate in the choice program, according to the State Department of Public Instruction report cards for private schools. They assess schools based on student achievement, improvements in achievement, and potential post high school success. For the 2018-19 school year, Lakeside Lutheran High School received an overall score of 84.8, which is a 5-star rating of “significantly exceeds expectations.” 


November: First-ever cornhole tournament benefits teens’ mental health support

Tosses for Teens2019 (23)

Student members of the Lakeside Lutheran National Honor Society hosted a cornhole tournament on campus to raise awareness and funds for teen mental health. In partnership with social service agency Christian Family Solutions (CFS), Lakeside hosted “Tosses for Teens” on Nov. 17 that had a two-fold purpose—to raise funds (over $3,500!) and to bring awareness of the growing need for mental health support for teens. 


October: Girls golf regional champs

2019 regional champs-croppedYour Lady Warriors are Regional Champions and junior Maya Heckmann had top score with an 84.

After only 5 seasons with the rejuvenated girls golf program, this is an awesome accomplishment. 

August: Holy Trinity, Okauchee, joins Federation

Holy Trinity church 2019At the start of the 2019-2020 school year, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Okauchee joined our Federation. This brings the total to 32 churches and 21 schools that join together to support Lakeside and Christian secondary education! 


July: Warrior Band is tops! 

Cherry award 2019 plaque.JPG 

On the summer band trip, the Warrior Band scored the highest among all bands—scoring 93/100 points, and took first place in its class at the Cherry Royale Parade, Traverse City, Mich.


July: Full-time Executive Director begins work


Kirk DeNoyer accepted the call to serve as Lakeside’s first full-time executive director. While the principal is responsible for the educational side of Lakeside, the Executive Director will be responsible for the business side of Lakeside—all the programs and services that support the educational side. 


June: Baseball regional champs

regional champs.jpgOur baseball team celebrates their regional championship and receives eight all-conference selections—what a thriller of a rollercoaster ride this year! 


March: Corlett’s crown of life 

corlett drama memorial tshirt
The LL drama department was blessed with Mrs. Corlett’s sewing and costuming skills for many years, and so memorialized her end-of-life testimony of faith for its annual t-shirt in 2019.

Mrs. Sandy Corlett, who taught at Lakeside for almost 20 years, was called home to heaven on March 30. Although from an earthly perspective this temporary goodbye is sad news, from God’s perspective “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants” (Psalm 116:15). Lakeside was a second home to Sandi and her love for others is missed dearly. 






March: A Cappella Choir heads to California

ACap Cali 19 bulletin-cover.jpgDuring spring break, A Cappella Choir flew to California to sing at four churches and two schools. One concert-goer told them he had tears in his eyes during the first song. “I’ve never heard anything like that and I realize it’s a taste of what heaven will be like.” While there, they explored California, seeing mountains, the ocean, visiting Disneyland, and San Francisco. 


February: Twice is Nice Resale Store hits another milestone

Twice is Nice presentationIn February, Good Stewards, Inc., the managing organization of Twice Is Nice Retail store in Jefferson announced a significant milestone: $5 million in support given to Lakeside Lutheran High School. Monies donated from Twice is Nice to the high school are used in several areas of the school, including general operating costs, student assistance, building fund and school “wishlist” items.