The Lakeside Effect

Before I came to Lakeside, I really didn’t know much about it. I knew people who had attended, but I never asked many questions. When I accepted the call to teach here, I was blown away. The faculty is helpful, positive, and supportive—things much desired by a newer teacher in the field. The school environment as a whole is friendly and welcoming. The students impress me with their words and actions and overall attitudes.

One of the greatest things about Lakeside is the opportunity to hear God’s Word every single day, and I get to teach it! I love being able to read and discuss the Bible with my 104 sophomores. That exposure to Christ’s love shows itself in many ways, but I especially see it in my players as boys’ soccer coach. Many times, I’ve received comments from referees or coaches about the quality of the young men I have as they represent their school and Savior out on the field. The same could be said of many of our students that are involved in the countless activities available at this school whether athletic, academic, or arts.

Lakeside helps students grow in their faith and in their confidence to show that faith to the outside world. I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

Eric graduated from Illinois Lutheran High School in 2013. After studying business for two years at Wisconsin Lutheran College, he transferred to Martin Luther College to get his teaching degree. He graduated in 2018 and taught 3rd-grade at St. John’s Lutheran Primary School in Antigua. He is in the middle of a one-year call to teach sophomore religion and coach soccer.

This article was taken from our Legacy magazine, which was published in Dec. 2019.

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