Mystery-comedy “Murder in the House of Horrors” this weekend

The Warrior Drama department is in its final week of practice for the spring production of Murder in the House of Horrors, on Friday and Saturday, April 26-27 at 7 p.m. Reserved floors seats are available for $8. Advance tickets available online (start at or by calling 800-838-3006. Walk-up unreserved bleacher seats will be $5 both nights.

In this interactive mystery-comedy that will have audiences wondering whodunnit, renowned Egyptologist (Cannon Kerr, Watertown) is telling of his discovery of the Pharaoh Menkaura’s tomb. Suddenly, while watching a slide of the ruler’s sarcophagus, the projector goes off, plunging the auditorium into darkness. When the lights come on, the professor is dead and the priceless jewel he was holding has vanished!

When Lt. Dan Morrow (Caleb Raymond, Sun Prairie) arrives, he narrows the suspects to seven. Was it the jealous wife (Sophia Griffin, Lodi) who suspected her husband was having an affair? Or the Egyptian sisters (Molly Lindloff, Lake Mills, and Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc) who cursed the expedition for disturbing Pharoah’s tomb? Or Mrs. Westbrook (Kendra Kasper, Helenville) who was displeased how her money was being spent by the museum? Or her lawyer Ms. Gray (Bronte Perkins, Madison) who would do anything for her client? Or Elena Newman (Olivia Fregien, Madison) Professor Carlton’s underappreciated assistant? Or Dr. Vanderveer (Anna Bilitz, Madison) the curator of the museum? Or was it someone that no one would ever suspect?

LL drama cast 2019

Other characters include Jane Trice (Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson), Russ Palmer (Al Wood, Madison), Betty Lange (Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie), Tony (Benjamin Huebner, Madison), Officer Val Holloway (Kiara Wolfram, Fort Atkinson), Professor Kirk Carlton (Will Denoyer, Sun Prairie), and four guards (Kira Tweit, Madison; Joy Thompson Wurz, Lake Mills; Ashley Grundman, Waterloo; Olivia Odrich, Verona).

The lieutenant enlists audience aid in solving the crime. You’ll be caught up in this thriller, uncovering the clues that reveal the killer in an electrifying climax.

The production is directed by Pastors Clark Schultz and Mark Toepel, with costuming by Jade Wood, Megan Wood, and Mark Heckendorf. Mr. Damon Tracy heads up a crew of student for lights and sound. Students from Tech Ed, under Mr. Jeff Meske, built the staging, and art students painted the set as directed by Mrs. Lori Tetzlaff.  Miss Rachel Poyner is the stage manager.

Murder in the House of Horrors is presented by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.


Forensics 10th consecutive year of “Excellence”

For the tenth year in a row, the Lakeside Lutheran High School Forensics team was awarded the Excellence in Speech Award for scoring in the top 5% among 340 participating high schools at the 124th annual Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (WHSFA) State Festival at UW-Madison April 12.

The UW-Madison campus hosted more than 4,200 students from 340 schools across the state at this, the largest forensics festival in the state. “Students in our academic sport practice long hours to hone their skills and meet the expectations upon which they will be judged,” says WHSFA Executive Director Adam Jacobi. “These schools represent consistent performance across a variety of contest events at our festival, and should be lauded for their performance.”

The top 19 high schools at the 2019 festival, in alphabetical order, include Baldwin-Woodville, Boscobel, Burlington, Darlington, DeForest, Ellsworth, Fennimore, Hudson, Lakeside Lutheran, Lincoln High School, Wisconsin Rapids, Menomonie, New Berlin Eisenhower, Prescott, Regis High School, Eau Claire, Sauk Prairie, St. Lawrence Seminary/Mt. Calvary, Waterford Union, Waunakee, Wrightstown.

At the State Festival, individual competitors receive a gold medal for a perfect score of 25, silver for a score of 23 or 24, a bronze for a score of 20-22 and a small bronze for lower scores. The whole team then receives points based on members’ individual scores, earning four points for each gold, three points for each silver, two points for each bronze and one point for each small bronze. After qualifying all 25 entries—the maximum allowable—through sub-district and district competitions, the Lakeside Lutheran competitors earned a total of 14 gold, nine silver, and two bronze medals at state. “Working with this dedicated group of students and seeing them progress as speakers has been very rewarding to see,” says Coach Steve Lauber.

LLHS state 4N6 2019
For the 10th straight year, the Lakeside Lutheran High School Forensics team was awarded the Excellence in Speech Award at the WHSFA Forensics State Championship on April 12. Pictured on the UW campus, back row, left-right: Cannon Kerr, Grace Loescher, Maddie Triebold, Sami Anderson, Connor Dobson, Matt Gunst. Middle row standing, L/R:  Caleb Raymond, Ryann Burger, Megan Reinke, Annika Bilitz, Abbie DiGiovanni, Bronte Perkins, Ella Butzine, Megan Grambsch, Matthea Lenz, Evelyn Schauer, Kiara Wolfram. Front row, standing, L/R: Max Thiele, Will Jorgensen, Brendan McKenna, Jacob Horta, Kaylee Raymond, Greta Pingel, Douglas Weittenhiller. On ground: Justin Learned. (Missing from picture: Sophie Griffin, Maddie Klug, Chad Nolte).

The 14 gold medal entries include Grace Loescher, Watertown and Caleb Raymond, Sun Prairie (Group Interp); Justin Learned, Watertown (Demonstration); Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills (Moments in History); Connor Dobson, Johnson Creek (Poetry); Sophia Griffin, Lodi and Maddie Klug, Ixonia (Playacting); Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc, and Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie (Playacting); Abbie DiGiovanni, Fort Atkinson (Solo Acting, Humorous); Ryann Burger, Lake Mills (Storytelling); Kiara Wolfram, Fort Atkinson (Storytelling); Evelyn Schauer, Watertown (Farrago) Megan Reinke, Watertown (Poetry); Greta Pingel, Sun Prairie (Prose); Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc (Prose) Matthea Lenz, Oconomowoc (Solo Acting, Humorous).

Silver medals were awarded to Matthew Gunst, Hartford (Informative); Megan Grambsch, Columbus (Prose); Annika Bilitz, Cottage Grove (Prose); Jacob Horta, Helenville (Moments in History); Bronte Perkins, Madison (Solo Acting, Humorous); Chad Nolte, Janesville (Farrago); Cannon Kerr, Watertown (Radio Speaking) Kaylee Raymond, Sun Prairie (Public Address); Douglas Weittenhiller, DeForest (Informative).

Max Thiele, Oconomowoc (Impromptu) and Will Jorgensen, McFarland (Radio Speaking) were awarded bronze medals.

For more information about the WHSFA, visit For more information about Lakeside Lutheran High School, contact Principal Grasby at 920-648-2321 or visit the LLHS website at

Quarter 3, 2018-19 Honor Roll

honor roll 6524.fullLakeside Lutheran High School is pleased to announce its academic honor roll for Quarter 3 of the 2018-19 school year:


High Honors Honor Roll (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Grade 9

Jonathan Abel, Fort Atkinson; Kaylea Affeld, Watertown; Caelan Baney, Columbus; Lydia Bilitz, Madison; Joshua Bittorf, Waterloo; Breanna Davis, Jefferson; Ella DeNoyer, Sun Prairie; Keely Draheim, Madison; Sarah Fisher, Madison; Aaron Fritz, Middleton; Mya Hemling, Beaver Dam; Naomi Hundt, Beaver Dam; Samuel Knapp, Ixonia; Caleb Koester, Fort Atkinson; Matthea Lenz, Oconomowoc; Aaron Lindert, Watertown; Lauren Lostetter, Lake Mills; Kyle Main, Juneau; Audrey Meier, Watertown; Grace Meinel, Verona; Morgan Mlsna, Lake Mills; Riley Parsons, Watertown; Carly Paske, Arlington; Greta Pingel, Sun Prairie; William Popp, Fitchburg; Annie Povich, Middleton; Alyssa Reinke, Watertown; Sadie Schneider, Waterloo; Lily Schuetz, Lake Mills; Austin Schwab, Fort Atkinson; Sofia Shramek, Watertown; Nora Statz, Helenville; Hannah Uttech, Watertown; Douglas Weittenhiller III, DeForest; Logan Wensel, Johnson Creek; Kiara Wolfram, Fort Atkinson

Grade 10

Elizabeth Brudos, Janesville; Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc; Lydia Buxa, Oconomowoc; Jack Egelseer, Lake Mills; Kinsey Gade, Lake Mills; Jada Gresens, Sun Prairie; Ashley Grundman, Waterloo; Graham Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Maya Heckmann, Middleton; Caitlin Heinrich, Madison; Joshua Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Rachel Huebner, Madison; AnaCristina Iglesias, Watertown; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; William Jorgensen, McFarland; Payton Kuepers, Madison; Sydney Langille, Lake Mills; Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills; Emily Meiller, Madison; Hailey Miller, Sun Prairie; Mia Murray, Middleton; Julia Neuberger, Lake Mills; Olivia Odrich, Verona; Kaylee Raymond, Sun Prairie; Carter Roekle, Middleton; Payton Roth, Watertown; Stephanie Schafer, Lake Mills; Evelyn Schauer, Watertown; Riley Schmidt, Janesville; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Emma Strohm, Hubertus; Claudia Stuebs, Lake Mills; Evelyn Terry, Ixonia; Jada Teteak, Middleton; Joy Thompson-Wurz, Lake Mills; Sarah Ulsberger, Fort Atkinson; Seth Veers, Cross Plains; Kendra Wilson, Cottage Grove; Laura Zank, Juneau

Grade 11

Emma Berg, DeForest; Anna Bilitz, Madison; Annika Bilitz, Cottage Grove; Ryann Burger, Lake Mills; Isabella Collins, Lake Mills; Kyle Doering, Lake Mills; Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Cody Gumz, Marshall; Gilbert Haw, Marshall; Janae Jensen, Juneau; Elijah Knapp, Ixonia; Abel Krauklis, Lake Mills; Lydia Krenke, Jefferson; Elise Meier, Watertown; Alessandra Murray, Sun Prairie; Logan Pampel, Johnson Creek; Bronte Perkins, Madison; Megan Reinke, Watertown; Alex Ryan, Lake Mills; Owen Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Espen Storlie, Jefferson; Nathaniel Stout, Janesville; Lauren Thiele, Poynette; Kirsten Thundercloud, Jefferson; Amber Wardall, Waterloo; Grace Westrate, Sun Prairie; Christopher Yunck, Lake Mills

Grade 12

Olivia Andress, Oconomowoc; Janelle Arndt, Watertown; Abigail Buxa, Oconomowoc; Will DeNoyer, Sun Prairie; Olivia Fregien, Madison; Benjamin Grambsch, Columbus; Katherine Guld, Lake Mills; Lukas Heckmann, Middleton; Brevin Jegerlehner, Sun Prairie; Jennica Jensen, Juneau; Paul Johnson, Janesville; Olivia Kassulke, Watertown; Madelynn Klug, Ixonia; Grace Krieser, Stoughton; Rebecca Lang, Lake Mills; Cole Lauersdorf, Oconomowoc; Taylor Luetzow, Watertown; Luke Marti, Oconomowoc; Jack Monis, Oconomowoc; Mariah Mortensen, Beaver Dam; Ethan Neumann, Oconomowoc; Chad Nolte, Janesville; Mira Parker, Deforest; Rachel Poyner, Madison; Lucas Schneider, Waterloo; Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Kaitlyn Shadoski, Janesville; Jackson Stake, Stoughton; Anna Swenson, Beaver Dam; Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc; Hannah Tucek, Lake Mills; Isac Veers, Cross Plains; Taylor Wolfram, Fort Atkinson; Peter Zambo, Lake Mills


Honors (3.25 – 3.749 GPA)

Grade 9

Caleb Andrews, DeForest; Isaiah Asmus, Watertown; Emily Becker, Janesville; Brynn Boche, Watertown; Nicole Czaplewski, Deforest; Brandon Decker-Gonzales, Waterloo; Mason Eckhardt, Watertown; Emma Etheridge, Madison; Lilianna Flint, Madison; Simon Fregien, Madison; Calvin Geerdts, Lake Mills; Jacob Griedl, Fort Atkinson; Logan Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Lola Hilbelink, Lake Mills; JeriAnne Hollis, Waterloo; Carter Huber, Columbus; Aree Huwe, Deerfield; Jeffrey Kalma, Hartland; Benjamin Kasper, Helenvile; Hailey Koenig, Cambridge; Micah Koschnitzke, Waterloo; Nathaniel Krenke, Jefferson; Tyler Marty, Fort Atkinson; Jackson Milbrath, Watertown; Calvin Murray, Sun Prairie; Nicholas Peterson, Sun Prairie; Faith Retzlaff, Columbus; Emily Schafer, Lake Mills; Jameson Schmidt, Ixonia; Brock Schneider, Jefferson; Sara Scott, Janesville; Brandon Steger, Juneau; Spencer Sturgill, Waterloo; Nick Thomas, Watertown; Jayden Thundercloud, Jefferson; Emelia Veers, Stratford; Sierra Vogel, Fall River; Katelyn Wagner, Reeseville; Ianna Wolfram, Sun Prairie

Grade 10

Isaiah Andress, Oconomowoc; Kendra Blake, Watertown; Cooper Clark, Lake Mills; Isabella Cook, Hartland; Noah Fields, Sun Prairie; Kylee Gnabasik, Jefferson; Megan Grambsch, Columbus; Connor Griffin, Lodi; Austin Haley, Watertown; Julia Hallman, Watertown; Caleb Hermanson, Madison; Emmilee Hillier, Sun Prairie; Samuel Ibeling, Cambridge; Jordyn Jaeger, Lake Mills; Kyle Jaeger, Watertown; Anna Kreutz, Madison; Olivia Krieser, Stoughton; Elizabeth Loppnow, Lebanon; Remy Matthews, Sun Prairie; Madison McGurk, Lake Mills; Haylee Meske, Jefferson; Hannah Meyer, Lake Mills; Isaiah Minning, Watertown; Isabella Mueller, Sun Prairie; Benjamin Neumann, Oconomowoc; Ian Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Lillian Runke, Sun Prairie; Christian Schmidt, Ixonia; Caroline Schulz, DeForest; Darren Schuster, Juneau; Connor Slattery, Lake Mills; Morgan Slonaker, Sun Prairie; Devin Splinter, Ixonia; Anika Stone, Fitchburg; Lily Storlie, Jefferson; Jeremiah Tratar, Watertown; Olyvia Uecker, Watertown; Amber Vertein, Watertown; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam; Nicholas Yaroch, Fall River

Grade 11

Madeline Abel, Fort Atkinson; Jocelyn Asmus, Lake Mills; Kaitlyn Buss, Watertown; Oliver Butler, Ixonia; Alicia Childs, Columbus; Matthew Davis, Lake Mills; Samantha Detert, Watertown; Connor Dobson, Johnson Creek; Daniel Faupl, Watertown; Emily Godwin, Madison; Calvin Grant, Sun Prairie; August Gresens, Sun Prairie; Matthew Gunst, Hartford; Jacob Horta, Helenville; Karli Johnson, Jefferson; Kristin Karas, Milton; Kendra Kasper, Helenville; Karissa Kilian, Lake Mills; Hannah Koenig, Cambridge; Taylor Laures, Jefferson; Serena Leis, Wilton; Seth Lozano, Waterloo; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Brynn McDermott, Poynette; Katelyn McGurk, Lake Mills; Wesley McLain, Juneau; Micah Missall, Rio; Kobe Paske, Arlington; Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Breanna Preskar, Juneau; Maria Saavedra, Watertown; Carter Schneider, Jefferson; Collin Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Cole Schuster, Juneau; Emma Statz, Jefferson; Katie Stuebs, Lake Mills; Molly Sturgill, Waterloo; Dinesh Tadepalli, Sun Prairie; Ashley Valerio, Delafield

Grade 12

Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie; Vanessa Bischoff, Juneau; Miranda Blake, Watertown; Megan Borth, Watertown; Carson Brumm, Lake Mills; William Bushie, Watertown; Margaret Cody, Juneau; Caitlin Condon, Watertown; Tyler Degner, Watertown; Alyssa Fehrman, Juneau; Maddison Fenner, Fort Atkinson; Alyssa Fischer, Watertown; Noelle Gates, Middleton; Sophia Griffin, Lodi; Joshua Groninger, Janesville; Seth Hackbarth, Lake Mills; Kaleigh Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Gracie Hillier, Sun Prairie; Tyler Holzhueter, Waterloo; Benjamin Huebner, Madison; Carter Kexel, Lake Mills; Marilyn Klein, Watertown; Caleb Kuepers, Madison; Kayla Laures, Jefferson; Kyle Leis, Wilton; Joshua Lindert, Watertown; Molly Lindloff, Lake Mills; Grace Loescher, Watertown; Sadie Matthews, Sun Prairie; Emily Meske, Jefferson; Timothy Nommensen, Deerfield; Hayden Oestreich, Watertown; Ryan Preskar, Juneau; Caleb Raymond, Sun Prairie; Ryan Rumary, Watertown; Logan Scheiber, Watertown; Dominic Schmidt, Watertown; Dustin Schulz, Beaver Dam; Christopher Schwantes, Madison; Jessica Scott, Janesville; Luke Stauffacher, Madison; Savannah Steffen, Watertown; Maxwell Thiele, Oconomowoc; Max Thomas, Watertown; Olivia Turke, Oconomowoc; Kira Tweit, Madison; Hannah Willems, Johnson Creek

Commendables (3.0 – 3.249 GPA)

Grade 9

Blake Gullickson, Sun Prairie; Hayden Hendricks, Watertown; Trevor Holzhueter, Waterloo; AshleyKaye Hudson, Jefferson; Kayla Indra, Lake Mills; Kathryn Kurtz, Madison; Keegan Lamp, Helenville; Claire Liddicoat, Watertown; Ethan Lozano, Waterloo; Michael Mittag, Beaver Dam; Jesse Schultz, Columbus; Josiah Schwartz, Columbus; Ketia Vater, Watertown; Ethan Wellnitz, Edgerton

Grade 10

Micah Cody, Juneau; Stephanie Georgi, Sun Prairie; Bryan Guzman, Madison; Nathaniel Heins, Ixonia; Joel Kluz, Juneau; Raven Liska, Cambridge; William Meland, Verona; Micah Nasett, Marshall; John O’Donnell, Madison; Ryan Punzel, Watertown; Alyssa Ratzow, Watertown; Logan Reich, Jefferson; Jack Schultz, Columbus; Jennifer Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Gabriel Uttech, Fall River; Tersony Vater, Watertown

Grade 11

Karleena Battist, Waterloo; Ashley Behnke, Watertown; Kaitlin Burk, Johnson Creek; Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson; Haakon Ellestad, Sun Prairie; Arthur Evangelist, Lake Mills; Trevor Geerdts, Lake Mills; Daisy Penaloza, Watertown; Isaiah Terry, Ixonia; Grace Thomas, Watertown; Keira Thurnbauer, Lake Mills

Grade 12

Tyler Affeld, Watertown; Caleb Bilitz, Lake Mills; Seth Bolin, Lake Mills; Carter Buchta, Ixonia; Jaclyn Davis, Marshall; Cannon Kerr, Watertown; Spencer Korth, Waterloo; Charles Miller, Sun Prairie; Cameron Paske, Arlington; Catherine Richart, Watertown; Miller Robbins, Lake Mills; Michael Stern, Hustisford; Albert Wood, Madison

Lakeside Lutheran winter athletes honored

Warrior winter sports awards night was March 14, when coaches recognized efforts of all levels of three winter sports teams as well as all-conference varsity team honorees.

Pictured are Lakeside Lutheran winter sports 2018-19 Capitol Conference North All-Conference award winners, including back row (l-r) Cameron Paske, 1st team basketball; Cole Lauersdorf, 1st team wrestling 182#; Austin Meyer, 1st team wrestling 220#; and Jack Monis, 1st team basketball, Conference Player of the Year. Middle row (l-r) are Casey Ponyicsanyi, 2nd team wrestling 170#; Will DeNoyer, 2nd team basketball; and Joe Balistreri, 2nd team wrestling 195#. Front row, L-R: Lauren Thiele, Honorable Mention, basketball; Margaret Cody, Honorable Mention, basketball; and Kaitlyn Shadoski, 1st team basketball. Missing is Caleb Kuepers, Honorable Mention, basketball.

The 2018-19 wrestling team finished 10-4 overall and third in conference. Senior Cole Lauersdorf, Oconomowoc, was the conference champion at 182 pounds, as was senior Austin Meyer, Lake Mills, at 220, and so both earned 1st team all-conference honors. Conference runners-up included senior Casey Ponyicsanyi, Lake Mills, at 170 and Joe Balistreri, Watertown, at 195, earning them 2nd team all-conference honors. Lauersdorf, senior Max Thiele, Oconomowoc at 152 and senior Justin Learned, Watertown, at 195, placed 2nd at regionals, earning them the right to wrestle at sectionals.

The Warrior girls basketball team (11-11) finished their season in the second round of regionals. Senior Kaitlyn Shadoski of Janesville received first team all-conference honors. Senior Margaret Cody, Juneau, and junior Lauren Thiele, Poynette, received honorable mentions.

The boys basketball team finished the season with an overall record of 17-4, going 9-1 in conference to take the championship and finishing its season in the third round of regional play. Senior Jack Monis, Oconomowoc, was awarded Conference Player of the Year and first team honors. Senior Cameron Paske, Arlington, was also selected for first team all-conference. Senior Will DeNoyer, Sun Prairie, was voted to second-team honors, and senior Caleb Kuepers, Madison, received honorable mention. DeNoyer and Monis were also recognized at the awards program for each having reached or surpassed 1,000 points in their high school basketball careers.

Principal’s Pen: Your heart transplant


The first human heart transplant occurred late in 1967. A middle-aged man dying from heart disease received the heart of a young woman fatally injured in an auto accident. Following the transplant, the man received drugs to minimize the likelihood of heart rejection. However, these drugs also suppressed his immune system. As a result, he died 18 days later from pneumonia. Yet, his new heart functioned normally until he died.

We have had a heart transplant of sorts. It is Ezekiel who provides the details. To the dispirited exiles in Babylon, he writes, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26).

The heart that Ezekiel describes is not an 11-ounce muscular organ to pump blood. It is our spiritual heart.

Our spiritual heart is fascinating. By nature, it is unyielding and unforgiving. Through faith, God makes it compassionate and merciful.

On our own, our hearts would never change. They would remain sinful. Only through baptism are these hearts no longer ours. They become new hearts with new spirits. God removes the stony, unforgiving heart and transplants a heart of faith to love and live for Christ.


God truly makes us new. In Christ, we are new people with new hearts of compassion and mercy. Paul concurs saying, Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17).  

We may never experience a physical heart transplant. Yet, through baptism, the Lord transplants a heart—a spiritual heart—that lives by faith to love and serve him.

Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran.

Twice Is Nice thanked for 25 years of service & support

Not only was last year the silver anniversary of operation for Twice Is Nice Retail store in Jefferson, but Good Stewards, Inc., the managing organization of the store, announced that 2018 marked another significant milestone: $5 million in support given to Lakeside Lutheran High School since 1993. Recent events celebrated these milestones.

Last October, volunteers of the Twice is Nice store and its governing board celebrated 25 years in business with a catered dinner at Lakeside Lutheran. During an after-dinner report from Good Stewards board chairman James Buelow, attendees heard that the total donated to the school was nearing the $5 million mark. Monies donated from Twice is Nice to the high school are used in several areas of the school, including general operating costs, student assistance, building fund and school “wishlist” items.

Thanks to record-breaking store receipts in November and December, news broke last month that the donation milestone had already been exceeded by year-end, while total store revenues had exceeded $7 million. “Store volunteers are always interested in hearing the numbers,” says Buelow. “Seeing the register tape totals add up is a great motivator for many of our volunteers who keep coming back week after week, month after month. The shared mission is something we hold dear.”

Twice is Nice presentation
A recent gathering at Twice is Nice Resale Store in Jefferson expressed thanks and presented volunteers with a commemorative plaque celebrating 25 years in business and $5 million in donations to Lakeside Lutheran High School. Pictured L-R: LLHS Board Chairman Brian Ertman, LLHS Principal James Grasby, Good Stewards, Inc. Chairman James Buelow and a store day manager and board treasurer Carolyn Burow.

As a token of appreciation for the years of service and support, reps from the Lakeside Board of Regents and administration recently gathered at the store to express thanks and present volunteers with a commemorative plaque for display in the store. “The Lord has blessed Lakeside Lutheran High School in many ways during its 60-year history. Twice Is Nice is one of those blessings,” says Principal James Grasby, “The dedicated Christians at the store have made it their mission to support Lakeside’s ministry. The financial support to the school has significantly underwritten the cost of quality, Christ-centered education for thousands of our teenagers.”

The commemorative plaque made for Twice is Nice store volunteers was created in the Lakeside Lutheran Tech Ed workshop using a new laser cutter that is typical of the type of equipment funded by revenue donations from the store to the high school.

Currently run by a group of almost 125 volunteers, Twice is Nice is one of the few stores of its kind continuing as a 100% volunteer operation. An enthusiastic crew of day managers encourages anyone with questions to call or stop in the store to discuss the opportunity to volunteer. The store is open Mondays-Saturdays from 9-5 PM, located just east of the Hwy 18 exit off the Highway 26 bypass at 907 W. Racine St., Jefferson.

Lakeside Lutheran High School is a four-year high school located in Lake Mills, operated and supported by a federation of 31 area congregations affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. For additional information about Lakeside, go to or call 920-648-2321 and ask for Principal James Grasby.

Warrior musicians qualify for State Music Festival

Lakeside Lutheran High School is pleased to announce that 16 Class A entries earned a starred first rating at the Wisconsin State Music Association (WSMA) Solo-Ensemble District level held the week of Feb. 18-25. Starred first ratings in Class A, the highest level of music selection, qualify musicians to perform at the WSMA State Festival at UW-Whitewater Saturday, April 27.

notes_music_backgroundThree large ensembles were among those advancing to state competition: the Warrior Percussion Ensemble, Warrior Jazz Ensemble, and Lakeside Swing Choir. A piano duet by Ella Collins, Lake Mills, and Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc, also advanced. Soloists that are moving on include Emma Berg (vocal); Abigail Buxa, Oconomowoc (piano); Ella Collins (piano); Olivia Fregien, Madison, (vocal and music theater); Sophia Griffin, Lodi (music theater); Madelyn Plitzuweit (piano); Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson (flute and piano); Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc (piano); Ashley Valerio, Delafield (vocal); and Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam (marimba).

In addition to the starred first entries, Lakeside Class A musicians were awarded six first ratings and seven seconds, for a total of 29 Class A performances. In class B, Lakeside Lutheran had 16 entries. Of those, seven earned a first place rating, eight earned a second rating, and one earned a third. Six of the eight Class C entries from Lakeside earned a first rating while two received a second.

Overall, Lakeside had 53 solo or ensemble entries that involved more than 75 students. Lakeside Lutheran High School and Luther Prep School were the 2019 sites that hosted more than 650 entries from among 11 Capitol North Conference middle and high schools.