​National Honor Society inductees announced for 2018

Lakeside Lutheran High School has announced the 2018 inductees to its National Honor Society Chapter. The National Honor Society is dedicated to the development of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. NHS members plan and perform various service and leadership activities throughout the school year. Students are first eligible for selection at the end of the sophomore year. Candidates need a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher, demonstrated leadership roles, several hours of community service, and character references. A 5-member faculty council determines membership.

This year’s inductees are from the classes of 2019 and 2020.


Back, L-R: Christopher Yunck, Lake Mills; Nathaniel Stout, Janesville; Lydia Krenke, Jefferson; Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Kristin Karas, Milton; Owen Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Kyle Doering, Lake Mills; Micah Missall, Rio

2nd row from top, L-R: Matthew Gunst, Hartford; Carter Schneider, Jefferson; Oliver Butler, Ixonia; Espen Storlie, Jefferson; Brynn McDermott, Poynette; Grace Westrate, Sun Prairie; Breanna Preskar, Juneau

Middle row, L-R: Lauren Thiele, Poynette; Janae Jensen, Juneau; Alessandra Murray, Sun Prairie; Ryann Burger, Lake Mills; Alex Ryan, Lake Mills; Logan Pampel, Johnson Creek; Katelyn McGurk, Lake Mills; Madeline Abel, Fort Atkinson

2nd row from front, L-R: Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Megan Reinke, Watertown; Kendra Kasper, Helenville; Bronte Perkins, Madison; Emma Berg, Madison; Hannah Koenig, Cambridge; Emma Statz, Jefferson

Front row: Annika Bilitz, Cottage Grove; Isabella Collins, Lake Mills; Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson; Madelynn Klug, Ixonia; Luke Stauffacher, Madison; Kayla Laures, Jefferson; Katherine Guld, Lake Mills

Not pictured: Jocelyn Asmus, Lake Mills; Kaitlin Burk, Johnson Creek; Trevor Geerdts, Lake Mills; Emily Godwin, Madison; Jennica Jensen, Juneau; Cole Schuster, Juneau; Katie Stuebs, Lake Mills; Molly Sturgill, Waterloo; Amber Wardall, Waterloo


Principal’s Pen: Attitude Adjustment

“He really has an attitude!”

Attitude is often descriptive of negative or disagreeable people. “Attitude” exists for different reasons. It may be teenage rebellion. It might be passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace. It could even be someone’s despondency in life.

Regardless of cause, this type of attitude counters that of our Savior’s. Paul wrote, “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” [Philippians 2:5]. (Some Bible translations use attitude for mindset.)

Christ’s attitude is perfect. He thought it nothing to be “in very nature God.” [2:6]  Yet, he set aside his godliness to be “made in human likeness” [2:7]. Then, he “humbled himself…to death…on a cross” [2:8]. Christ’s attitude is more than a goal for Christians. It should be our lifestyle! When we emulate Christ’s attitude in word, thought, and action, we do so joyfully thanking the One who gave himself as “the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and…also for the sins of the whole world” [1 John 2:2].

servant-attitudeChristians should have an attitude. First, it should be a confident attitude believing that our Savior won full and free forgiveness for us sinners. Secondly, it should be a trusting attitude knowing of Jesus’ personal love for us. Finally, it should be a responding attitude seeking ways to serve God and others in Christlike humility.

When seen this way, it’s not wrong for Christians to have an “attitude.”

Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran.
Reach him at 920.648.2321 x2204 or jgrasby@llhs.org