Musicians qualify for State Music Festival

Twenty-four Class A entries from Lakeside Lutheran High School earned a starred first rating at the Wisconsin State Music Association (WSMA) Solo-Ensemble District level held the week of Feb. 19-24. Starred first ratings in Class A, the highest level of music selection, qualify musicians to perform at the WSMA State Festival at UW-Whitewater Saturday, April 28.


The Lakeside Lutheran Percussion Ensemble qualified for the WSMA state festival. Members of the ensemble include (Back, L-R): Mitchell Doyle, Watertown; Benjamin Ertman, Fort Atkinson; Ryan Preskar, Juneau; Charlie Pingel, Sun Prairie; Justin Learned, Watertown; Gabriel Uttech, Fall River. (Middle) Trevor Geerdts, Windsor; Aaron Natvig, Cottage Grove; Sophia Collins, Lake Mills; J Doyle, DeForest; Ashley Fritz, Middleton; Joseph Balistreri, Watertown; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam; Cody Gumz, Marshall. (Front) Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; Isabella Collins, Lake Mills; Hannah Tucek, Lake Mills; Benjamin Neumann, Oconomowoc; Emily Meiller, Madison; Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc; Lauren Learned, Watertown; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson.
Not pictured: Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc and Javin Hollis, Waterloo.


Those entries included ensembles: the Warrior Percussion Ensemble, a flute choir, mallet trio, three piano duets, and two piano trios. In individual work, two marimba solos, two vocal solos, three musical theater performances, and five piano solos advanced. An alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, and drum solo also earned trips to the state festival.


Solo, duet, and trio state qualifiers from Lakeside Lutheran are back row, L-R: Griffin Torgerson, Watertown, (piano duet and trio); J Doyle, DeForest (mallet trio); and Ashley Fritz, Middleton (tenor and alto saxophone solos). 2nd row from top: Aaron Natvig, Cottage Grove (mallet trio); Sophia Collins, Lake Mills (marimba solo and mallet trio); Maria Werre, Sun Prairie (musical theater; soprano solo); Alyson Steffan, Johnson Creek (musical theater); Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater (piano duet); Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc (piano duet); Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam (marimba solo); and Cody Gumz, Marshall (drum set solo). 2nd row from front, L-R: Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson (piano solo, flute choir); Isabella Collins, Lake Mills (piano solo and duet); Elise Meier, Watertown (piano duet); Matthias Winters, Watertown (piano duet and trio); Emily Weber, Jefferson (musical theater); Kaitlin Main, Juneau, (piano solo); Hannah Mayer, Fort Atkinson (clarinet solo); Grace Thomas; and Samantha Kohls, Waterloo (piano solo and trio).
Front row, L-R: Sarah Ulsberger, Fort Atkinson (piano trio); Elizabeth Isham, Watertown (piano trio); Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills (piano trio); Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie (soprano solo); Abigail Buxa, Oconomowoc (piano solo); Olivia Fregien, Madison (flute choir); Jennica Jensen, Juneau (flute choir); Gabrielle Grunewald, Bettendorf, Iowa (flute choir); and Emelyn Schoeller, Helenville (flute choir).


In addition to the starred first entries, Lakeside Class A musicians were awarded five first ratings and 15 seconds, and one third, for a total of 45 Class A performances. In class B, Lakeside Lutheran had 17 entries. Of those, eight earned a first place rating and nine earned a second rating. Five of the six Class C entries from Lakeside earned a first rating while one received a second.

Overall, Lakeside had 68 solo or ensemble entries that involved more than 75 students. Columbus High School and Luther Prep School were the 2018 sites that hosted more than 650 entries from among 11 Capitol North Conference middle and high schools.


At the Wisconsin State Music Association District Festival at end of February, Lakeside Lutheran High School had 68 solo or ensemble entries that involved more than 75 students. (L-R, front) Kristen Thundercloud, Sarah Ulsberger, Hannah Tucek, Gabriel Uttech, Benjamin Neumann, Brendan McKenna, Calvin Grant, Lucas Schneider, Madelynn Klug, Catherine Richart, Gabrielle Grunewald, Alicia Childs, Emelyn Schoeller, Mary Schallert, AnaCristina Iglesias, Grace Thomas. 
Second row, L-R: Grace Seim, Emma Berg, Grace Krieser, Madison Fenner, Riley Schulz, Mira Parker, Albert Wood, Samantha Anderson, Abigail Buxa, Sophia Griffin, Olivia Fregien, Jennica Jensen, Hannah Meyer, Madelyn Plitzuweit, Rachel Mayer, Kaitlyn Drewicz, Samantha Kohls, Sydney Langille. Third row, L-R: Emily Meiller, Ella Butzine, Jeremy Hathaway, Benjamin Ertman, Trevor Geerdts, Ryan Preskar, Jordan Gade, Emma Hans, Emily Weber, Jenna Gaal, Emma Guld, Kaitlin Main, Hannah Mayer, Katrina Stratman, Lauren Learned, Liz Loppnow, Cody Gumz. Fourth row, L-R: Elise Meier, Elizabeth Isham, Katelyn McGurk, Devon Perkins, Andrew Burk, Matthias Winters, Philip Treptow, Sophia Collins, Madelaine Triebold, Maria Werre, Alyson Steffan, Megan Grambsch, Ellie Westrate, Ashley Fritz, Austin Haley, Elijah Wohling, Joseph Balistreri, Nick Yaroch. Back row, L-R: Isabella Collins, Owen Schoenherr, Mitchell Doyle, Skyler Christianson, Griffin Torgerson, Charlie Pingel, Aaron Natvig, Joseph Grambsch, Noah Lorenz, Tyler Affeld, Luke Marti, Justin Learned, Tim Grant, J Doyle, Jayden Duddeck, Max Thomas, Benjamin Hodel, Gil Haw.



Lakeside Lutheran Forensics earns top score at state

For the second time in three years, the Lakeside Lutheran High School Forensics team captured the highest score among 340 high schools at the 121st Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (WHSFA) State Festival. This is the 7th consecutive Excellence in Speech Award awarded to Lakeside Lutheran for scoring in the top 5% among participating high schools.

LLHS 4N6 takes top score at state WHSFA festival
For the 2nd time in 3 years the Lakeside Lutheran High School Forensics team captured the WHSFA Forensics State Championship, tying perennial powerhouse, Darlington High School, with a an impressive total of 90 points each. Pictured on the UW campus, front row, left-right: Josiah Eaker, David Wilson, Emma Guld. 2nd row, L-R: Devon Perkins, Maddie Triebold, Kaitlyn Gehler, Audra Sonntag, Maddie McKenna, Rebecca Doering, Max Thiele. 3rd row, L-R: Emily Weber, Maria Werre, Kayla Grundman, Emma Hans, Mira Parker, Sophie Griffin, Emily Raymond, Jenna Gaal, Tina Kehl, Molly Lindloff. 4th row, L-R: Coach Steve Lauber, Caleb Raymond, Derek Gulrud, Josh Schoenfeld, Malachi Mortensen, Justin Learned, Justin Gaal. Back row, L-R: Charlie Pingel, Kyle Burger, Caleb Strutz.

The UW-Madison campus hosted 4,656 students from across the state at this, the largest forensics tournament in the state on April 15. “Students in our academic sport practice long hours to hone their skills and meet the expectations upon which they will be judged,” says WHSFA Executive Director Adam Jacobi. “These schools represent consistent performance across a variety of contest events at our festival, and should be lauded for their performance.” Competing against 339 other high schools this spring, Lakeside Lutheran returned home again as the highest scoring team in the state, along with perennial powerhouse, Darlington High School; each had total of 90 team points.

At the State Festival, individual competitors receive a gold medal for a perfect score of 25, silver for a score of 23 or 24, a bronze for a score of 20-22 and a small bronze for lower scores. The whole team then receives points based on members’ individual scores, earning four points for each gold, three points for each silver, two points for each bronze and one point for each small bronze.

After qualifying all 25 entries—the maximum allowable—through sub-district and district competitions, the Lakeside Lutheran competitors earned a total of 15 gold and 10 silver medals at state, resulting in the championship 90 points.

“Having the top score at the tournament two years ago was a thrill, but to win it a second time in three years is special, especially for some of our juniors and seniors who were on the first State Championship team” said Lakeside Lutheran forensics coach Steve Lauber. “God has blessed these young adults with not only a great work ethic but tremendous speaking skills.”

The 15 gold medal entries include Caleb Strutz, Verona (Extemporaneous); Becca Doering, Lake Mills (Solo Acting); Jenna Gaal, Oconomowoc (Public Address);  Maria Werre, Sun Prairie (Storytelling); Emily Weber, Helenville (Storytelling); Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc (Storytelling); Kaitlyn Gehler, Waterloo and Derek Gulrud, Marshall (Playacting); Josh Schoenfeld, Lake Mills and Josiah Eaker, Watertown (Playacting); Caleb Raymond and Charlie Pingel, both Sun Prairie (Playacting); Devon Perkins, Madison (Moments in History); Audra Sonntag, Janesville (Prose); Emma Hans, Jefferson (Prose); Sophie Griffin, Lodi (Prose); Max Thiele, Oconomowoc (Demonstration); and David Wilson, Pardeeville (Radio Speaking).

Silver medals were awarded to Kyle Burger, Lake Mills (Solo Acting); Justin Learned, Watertown (Demonstration); Kayla Grundman, Waterloo (Special Occasion); Maddie McKenna, Lake Mills (Farrago); Malachi Mortensen, Beaver Dam (Moments in History); Mira Parker, DeForest (Poetry); Justin Gaal, Oconomowoc (Radio Speaking); Tina Kehl, Waterloo (Special Occasion); Molly Lindloff, Janesville (Prose); and Emily Raymond, Sun Prairie and Emma Guld, Lake Mills (Playacting).

For more information about the WHSFA, visit For more information about Lakeside Lutheran High School, contact Principal Grasby at 920-648-2321 or visit the LLHS website at