Lakeside Lutheran High School set to begin school year

Lakeside Lutheran High School plans to open its doors to 152 freshmen on Wednesday, August 17. Freshmen will begin the school year a day early to orient and learn schedules, meet teachers and peers, and explore co-curricular opportunities. Classes begin on campus for 511 students on Thursday, August 18, an increase of 12.8% in enrollment from the start of 2021-22.

An opening service and installation of new faculty will take place as part of the first day’s events on August 18 at 8:15 a.m. in the east gymnasium. Pastor Titus Buelow from St. Peter Lutheran Church, Helenville, will provide the devotion during this special chapel service, and Pastor Timothy Redfield, St. Luke, Watertown, will lead the liturgy. The theme for the school years is “Become,” a reminder of 2 Corinthians 5:21: “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” The two-year theme remains a focus in devotions and other events throughout the school year.

Six new full-time faculty members will also be installed and recognized in the opening service. Mr. Dennis Leckwee, a 1993 alum, is joining the faculty to teach Freshman Religion classes. He will also coach football and golf. Tanya Tomfohrde will teach in the math department and assist with cross country. Katelyn Edwards will teach English and work with the yearbook and dance team. Steven Springborn is the new choral director for three choirs—A Cappella, Cantate, and Freshman Chorus—and will teach English Composition. He will also direct the Swing Choir, visit congregations with A Cappella on Sundays, and assist with theatre. Miss Rebecca Johnson will support students in the Extended Learning Center and teach a pre-Algebra class. She will also assist with the Teens for Christ service group and with yearbook. Pastor Dustin Yahnke will teach junior and senior religion courses, direct the Operation Go mission trip program, and assist with boys soccer.

Two other new faces have joined the faculty and staff. Mr. Jason Fry, a 2003 alum, will teach part-time in the Religion and Mathematics departments. Mr. Bruce Davis is the new Development Director. Mrs. Jamie Arndt will join the kitchen staff this year.

Lakeside also has some familiar faces in new roles. Pastor Don Schultz accepted the call to serve as interim principal, Mr. John Dorn is the new assistant principal, and Mrs. Hannah Uher is the school counselor.

Lakeside Lutheran High School is a four-year high school located in Lake Mills, operated and supported by a federation of 32 congregations affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. For additional information, go to or call 920-648-2321 and ask for Principal Don Schultz.

Lakeside Lutheran faculty number 39 for the 2022-23 school year, including front row, from left, with the departments they teach in:
Nick Trebesch, Math; Tim Matthies, Math; Andy Asmus, Social Studies; Dennis Leckwee, Religion; Nate Sievert, PhyEd; Nathan Koerber, World Languages; Paul Bauer, Science; Pastor Dustin Yahnke, Religion.
2nd row, L-R: Steven Springborn, Director of Choirs, English; Jake Ziel, Science; Justin Vanderhoof, English, Social Studies, PhyEd; Damon Tracy, Science; Tanya Tomfohrde, Math; Shelly Coron, Director of Extended Learning; Jodie Schommer, English, STEM Academy.
3rd row, L-R: Steve Lauber, Director of Admissions, English; Todd Jahns, Activities Director, PhyEd; Cameron Ausen, Social Studies; Jeff Meske, Technology, Agriscience; Sara James, World Languages; Rebecca Johnson, Extended Learning, Math; Erin LaPointe, Extended Learning; Pastor Don Schultz, Principal.
4th row, L-R: Jason Fry, Religion & Math; Matt Doering, Social Studies; Hannah Uher, Counseling; Katelyn Edwards, English; Cathy Meier, FACS; John Dorn, Assistant Principal,  Science; Todd Hackbarth, Math, Videography; Jenny Krauklis, PhyEd, Health.
5th row, L-R: Dan Kuehl, Director of Instruction, English; Andy Rosenau, Guidance Director, Computing; Phil Dretske, Technology Director, STEM Academy, Computing; Eric Dorn, Religion; Glen Pufahl, Director of Bands, English; Andrew Willems, Media Specialist, STEM Academy Director; Lori Tetzlaff, Art; Pastor Mark Toepel, World Languages.
LLHS new faces (or familiar faces in new roles): Front row, L-R: John Dorn, Assistant Principal, Science; Dennis Leckwee, Freshman Religion; Pastor Dustin Yahnke, Junior/Senior Religion; Steven Springborn, Director of Choirs, English; Bruce Davis, Development Director. 
Back row, L-R: Jason Fry, Junior Religion & Math; Katelyn Edwards, English; Tanya Tomfohrde, Math; Rebecca Johnson, Extended Learning Center; Hannah Uher, counselor; Pastor Don Schultz, Principal Missing: Mrs. Jamie Arndt, kitchen staff.

Principal’s Pen: They like their jobs

Do you like your job? Not everybody does. I was at a car dealership this past month, and I was wondering if the person working there liked his job. It seemed to me that he didn’t. His demeanor, his manner of speaking—there was something about him that made me wonder: “Does he really want to be here?” Maybe he was just having a bad day.

This summer, I’ve noticed that Lakeside teachers “like their jobs.” They like to be here—even though it is summer vacation! Many of them are modifying their teaching spaces, organizing things, getting materials ready for next school year—and they like what they are doing! And then there are teachers who are working with students as coaches, as advisors, as directors—and you can see that they are truly enjoying the experience.

Why? What makes the teachers like what they do? There are probably many reasons, but here is one: they find joy in fulfilling the mission of the school. Lakeside exists to “educate, encourage, and equip students for life and for eternity.” Our teachers know that they are part of something bigger, something greater: “I’m getting my classroom ready to encourage kids with the Word of God.” “The more prepared I am, the better I will be for those students who need that extra help.”

To be a part of a ministry where the ultimate goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every student—this is motivation for a teacher to “go to work” every day. Every teenager needs to hear that although they are sinful, God in his grace and mercy has taken their sins away! And not only that. Every teenager also needs to hear that this same gracious God is changing them more and more into a new person who is learning how to serve and glorify God.

The teachers are the ones who convey this good news. They are “on a mission,” and that mission is to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19

This mission is why teachers at Lakeside like what they do, even to the point of coming to campus, even during the summer.

May God bless them as they prepare for the school year ahead.

Pastor Don Schultz is the 2022–23 Principal at Lakeside Lutheran.
Reach him at 920.648.2321 or

Another LL Link: Dan Moll (‘67)

This article was first published in the 2022 spring/summer issue of Lakeside Lutheran Link, the magazine for LLHS alum.

This year, when the call went out for alum donations, Dan Moll answered that call with gusto! He used his hobby to create an fantastic one-of-a-kind work of art. He and his wife, Beth, live in Elk River, Minn., and attend Lord of Glory Lutheran where he served as an elder for many years. They have three grown children.

Dan attended Bethany Lutheran College and then Mankato State, majoring in business admin. He worked as a manufacturing purchasing manager in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years, then purchased a Jellystone campground in central Indiana and managed that for 28 years.

So how did he get into woodworking? “When I sold the campground, I needed a hobby to keep my mind and body busy,” he said. “I always had an interest, so I took lessons and built a shop. I just enjoy making sawdust!” He also snowshoes, plays pickleball, and even bought a motor coach to travel around the country. “I have spent two winters in Florida and this summer will drive around Lake Superior.”

“My favorite memories of Lakeside are being on the football and basketball teams, bus rides to school activities, attending the band festivals and the May Banquet,” he says. As for which teachers left their mark, he says, “Coach Stelter showed me the value of teamwork and how to apply myself to achieve my goals. Professor Huebner taught me the values of being a Christian.”

For students and recent grads, he encourages them to “Keep building your faith. Surround yourself with fellow Christians and a church who will help you grow your faith. Never stop trusting that the Lord is with you.” Thanks for your time and that beautiful armoire, Dan!

Principal’s Pen: Summer here is loud

One of the first things I noticed at Lakeside when I began teaching here was the “loudness” of the building during the summer. I thought that the school would be quiet! After all, it’s summer vacation, and all the students have gone home. It’s time for peace and quiet!

My unrealistic expectations quickly unraveled. First there was laughter. Then, the squeak of tennis shoes. Then the opening and closing of doors. Loud voices. Kids running. Music. Food smells. Students are back? But it’s only June.

I’ve learned that at Lakeside, the building is very busy during the summer—overnight band camp, grade school sports camps, high school speed and strength programs, meetings of different school groups—all of this and more is summer at school. On most days, the parking lot is filled with cars, students and parents are in the hallways, and the building is loud!

And I’m glad for that. It reminds me that the ministry of Lakeside Lutheran doesn’t stop in May. It continues throughout the summer. “Partnering with families to educate, encourage, and equip students for life and eternity” (our mission statement) keeps happening even when school is out. A coach working with young people at a sports camp, a parent volunteer helping a student adjust a band uniform, students meeting at Lakeside and then going on the adventure of a mission trip—these are just some of the many ways that God is glorified and people are served with the Gospel even when classes aren’t in session. This Bible passage comes to mind: “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise will always be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1).

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a little peace and quiet this summer—you might find a spot at Lakeside. But as you wait for your teen to finish up an activity or practice, don’t be surprised if the building is louder than you expected. The noisy business of educating, encouraging, and equipping continues on, “at all times.”

Reach Principal Schultz at

LL Advantage: Stand out. Stand steady.

This article was first published in the 2022 issue 2 edition of LLHS Advantage, a magazine for students and families in K-8. A message from Steve Lauber, Admissions Director

We live in a world where things are changing all the time.

* Gas prices seem to keep changing (in one direction) on an almost daily basis. 

 *County Stadium changed to Miller Park, then to American Family Field.

* Society changes to accept and then even promote viewpoints that go directly against God’s law.

* Teenage mental health is changing, and for the most part, not for the better.

Here at Lakeside, we are undergoing many changes as we look to a new school year … changes in leadership, changes in our building, changes among our faculty and coaching staff.

We can’t avoid change; however, by God’s grace, we have one thing that will never change–God’s unchanging Word in the Bible and the promise that believers are saved for eternity without our lifting a finger.

Jesus did it all for us. Faith in that secures us a spot in Heaven.

What a comfort that is – to us as parents, to our former students, our current students, and the next generation of students at Lakeside.

Another LL Link: Paying it forward (debt-free)

This article was first published in the 2022 spring/summer issue of Lakeside Lutheran Link, the magazine for LLHS alum.

David Wilson (‘16) and his “debt-free degree” story was featured in the Ramsey Solutions documentary, Borrowed Future: How Student Loans are Killing the American Dream. “Years ago, I happened to comment on a Ramsey Livestream. The moderator noticed (with 1,000 other people watching) and for my story. That email turned into a call with the director,” David says, then interviews in Nashville and Milwaukee. He adds, “I can’t explain to you what it is like having a film crew follow you for your graduation!” Months later, he flew out for the premiere with all 1,100 Ramsey employees, and sat next to Dave, his wife, Sharon, and COO Luke LeFevre.

Since then, each semester, he has visited LLHS teacher Matt Doering’s required senior Financial Literacy classes, where he first learned—and is now sharing the message of—how deeply student loans can impact futures, and that it is possible to graduate from college debt-free. “Even if I hadn’t been in the movie, I would still be here to share my story. Because of the financial lessons I was taught at Lakeside, I now have freedom in adulthood to live, work, and be where I want, change the financial trajectory of my family tree, and give back in ways I never could have imagined at this age. I want other students to have that same freedom when they walk into adulthood,” he says.

Here are the five tips he shares with Warrior seniors.

1. Decide if college is the right choice. Before investing money and time into a college, determine a career path. “Then we can define the road map to get there. If that requires college, great, if it doesn’t, great!”

2. Choose your dream school! Pick a school you can afford. List potential schools, research and compare costs, pick a school that has what you need and can afford. Cashflow the first year and determine how you can cashflow the next 3 years.

3. Become a financial aid expert. Fill out the FAFSA early and own the process of working with your parents to fill it out every year.

4. Find outside scholarships. Fill out as many as possible. Reuse essays as you are able and don’t let perfectionism hold you from pressing the submit button. Keep applying every year!

5. Stay debt-free in school. This includes working, attending community college, living at home, and living like a college student, not trying to match your parents’ lifestyle.

“These steps, paired with clear goals and time management, resulted in my not only graduating debt-free but also leaving school with a fullyfunded emergency fund and a maxed-out ROTH IRA for 2019/2020,” he says. Wilson, who now works as a Program Manager at Lockton in Kansas City, Mo., is thankful for his Lakeside education, which provided him with a seamless transition to college. “The academics allowed me to jump into college coursework without feeling behind as some do, and the extracurriculars made it easy for me to get super involved in campus life early on. Lastly, the financial knowledge I was taught alleviated a lot of stress after college.” For more tips, follow him at David J Wilson on Facebook.

This article

FFA officers attend State Convention

by Paige Lester, Lakeside Lutheran FFA Sentinel  

Three students represented the Lakeside FFA chapter at the 93rd State FFA convention June 14-15 at Alliant Energy Center, Madison, including Elizabeth Gunst (Hartford), Allen Lester, and Paige Lester (both Waterloo).

Lakeside Lutheran FFA reps, from left, chapter Sentinel Paige Lester, Vice President Allen Lester, and President Elizabeth Gunst serve as door monitors as guests enter the State FFA Degree luncheon. Gunst was recognized as a three-star leader as the Lakeside FFA chapter completed the National Chapter Application and was ranked silver based on its description of goals and outcomes on nine activities, including “growing leaders,” “building communities” and “strengthening agriculture.”

With the theme The Time is Now, the convention began with a delegate session. Elizabeth and Allen were school delegates but all three were able to sit and listen during the session. Two delegates from each chapter voted on several state topics. Of special interest was the discussion on the state officer selection process. In the past, chapter delegates voted for the Sectional State officer; delegates voted to change the final vote to involve both delegates and the state selection committee.

Later that night at the third session, the keynote speaker was Amberley Snyder. She loved riding horses and going to rodeos, even being a nationally ranked rodeo barrel racer. Paralyzed from the waist down in a tragic accident after high school, she thought she would never be able to rodeo again. Her goal was to “Walk, Ride, Rodeo” (the title of a 2019 Netflix original movie based on her story). Snyder rides now but must be strapped into the saddle of her horse. She hopes to walk in the near future with the assistance of robotic legs. The three LLHS attendees were all inspired by her speech; it might have been the only time the whole room was quiet.

The next day Elizabeth and Allen voted on a new Section 10 state officer while Paige attended the career fair with teens she knew from different FFA chapters. Before heading home, the three helped serve over 1,000 guests at the State Degree Lunch as part of the Courtesy Corps.

Haylee Meske of Jefferson, LLHS class of 2021, is pictured at right being presented her State FFA Degree by State FFA President, Ben Styer, from Menominee. Meske was among 331 designees to earn this achievement. She worked at Aztalan Engineering in Lake Mills 1,400+ hours during a senior youth apprenticeship in CNC/Quality Control. Prior to that she had worked 1,300+ hours in food service at Wedl’s Hamburger Stand in Jefferson. Other accomplishments include showing a market barrow and welded lawn ornaments at the Jefferson County Fair. Meske attended two National FFA Conventions, three leadership workshops and qualified for the state livestock judging competition while at Lakeside Lutheran as well as serving as Sentinel her junior year and FFA president her senior year. She is currently finishing her orders in vehicle maintenance while working at the Madison Air Force base as a Guard member.

The Warrior Legacy: Austin Schwab

This article was first published in the 2022 summer issue of The Legacy, published semiannually for the Annual Fund Supporters of LLHS.

Lakeside has given me many different opportunities, choices, and challenges—opportunities to grow, choices to show that I am growing up, and challenges which push me to better myself and my friends.

Lakeside showed me how growing up and presenting myself in the Christian faith can be great for making friends and connecting with others. Lakeside offers students multiple and varied extracurricular activities, whether athletics, fine arts or academic possibilities. I recommend trying at least one thing in order to meet new people and find what interests you the most.

I was always participating in math meets because I love math, and the teachers here have only fed the flame of that love. So much so, that in the fall I will be attending Martin Luther College to become a math teacher. Math is not for everyone, which is completely understandable; but no matter what you like, you will find teachers and classmates who agree with you and share the same interests. I have loved my friends, my teachers, and my experience at Lakeside.

Austin and his family are members at St. Paul in Fort Atkinson. In his years at LLHS, he was on golf team and played or managed football all four years; he was also in bowling club since its charter year in 2019. In addition to math meets, he was involved in forensics, Academic Bowl and National Honor Society. Austin, a class of 2022 Academic Top Ten, ranked third in his graduating class.

Another LL Link: ‘09 grad wears many hats

This article was first published in the 2022 spring/summer issue of Lakeside Lutheran Link, the magazine for LLHS alum.

Kristen (Reiff) Behl is a busy woman. She married Philip (both are ‘09 grads) in 2013 and they have two daughters, Eva and Olivia. She is a doctor of Physical Therapy, a published author, and owner of a self-publishing company, Goose Water Press. We spent a few minutes catching up with her. 

LL: What made you want to become an author?

I have vivid memories of sitting at my family’s desktop computer when I was 10, writing adventure stories I was sure would be published someday. If my teacher assigned a onepage creative writing story, I’d come back with six. I kept writing for fun in high school, but I was private about it. As a physical therapist, I closed the door on writing until children’s book ideas were sparked by life with my kiddos, as well as from letters I wrote to a pregnant friend. Proud of what I created, I researched the routes of publishing for about a year. Then I felt ready to start my self-publishing company and began putting my books into the world.

LL: Did you encounter hurdles?

Since I’m a mama, wife, and PT, finding time is always a challenge! There is so much more to publishing than just writing the story. Financial investment is a challenge, with illustrators, an editor, my cover designer and formatter. Other hurdles include marketing, constant decision making, troubleshooting, and technological intricacies of publishing. But when the passion outweighs the hurdles, it’s all exhilarating! 

LL: any encouragement for recent grads?

There’s so much pressure coming out of high school to know what to do with their lives and stick with that forever. God gives us way too many talents to squeeze into one neat and tidy box. If you have multiple passions, it’s possible to pursue them all in some way, at some point. I love being a PT in the clinic (which I do two days per week), but I also want to teach college students someday. I wanted to publish books and I travel as often as possible.

LL: Plan to write more books?

YES! I have one or two sequels to Letters to the Expecting Mama that will focus on different phases of motherhood, and I hope to turn The Messiest Eater on the Block into a series featuring different quirky kids living in the neighborhood. God has opened doors for me to publish books for other Christian authors whose stories fit my theme of “books to build up families.” It’s exciting to use what I’ve learned to supply the world with more God-pleasing material.

To learn more, visit or follow her @goosewaterpress on Facebook & Instagram.

Since Kristen couldn’t pick a favorite memory of Lakeside, we chose one for her from Freshman Religion class in 2006 (LEFT… think she’s thanking Mr. G for writing tips?). She does recall “just a whole lot of great memories with friends, several of whom I’m still close with today. I still laugh about the brief little crush I had on the boy who became my husband. We were never close in high school, but God orchestrated a plan we never imagined! I wish I had paid more attention during his football games and wrestling matches.”

Fourth quarter 2021-22 academic honor roll

Lakeside Lutheran High School is pleased to announce its academic honor roll for the fourth quarter of the 2021-22 school year: 

High Honors Honor Roll (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Grade 9

Justin Albrecht, Middleton; Isabella Alvarez, Columbus; Lorian Backhaus, Cottage Grove; Nicholas Bode, Oconomowoc; Molly Chopp, Lake Mills; Natalie Clark, Lake Mills; Carson Frisch, Johnson Creek; Hannah Godwin, Madison; Kyra Gresens, Sun Prairie; Clara Grow, Cottage Grove; William Hemling, Beaver Dam; Nadia Henriquez, Johnson Creek; Kayla Hirschfeld, Lake Mills; Rory Hissom, Oconomowoc; Jack Holzman, DeForest; Reilly Jobke, Watertown; David Johnson, Janesville; Audra Kopfer, Columbus; Addison Kraft, Sun Prairie; Cecelia Krahn, Sun Prairie; Benjamin Krauklis, Lake Mills; Isabel Kuchta, Whitewater; Joshua Kutz, Lake Mills; Paige Lester, Waterloo; Noel Meinel, Verona; Joseph Metzger, Lake Mills; Mara Minning, Watertown; James Monday, Watertown, Wi; Leah Morris-Robinson, Johnson Creek; Morgan Muchka, Waterloo; Kayla Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Grace Retzlaff, Columbus; Josef Rupnow, Watertown; Gabriella Schmid, Sun Prairie; Jonathan Schmidt, Ixonia; Tessa Schmocker, Whitewater; Ella Schuetz, Lake Mills; Kathryn Schulz, Beaver Dam; Micah Schwartz, Columbus; Nolan Schweighardt, Johnson Creek; Mara Skalitzky, Columbus; Emma Smulders, Watertown; Farah Stuebs, Lake Mills; Kate Thiele, Lodi; Ava Tuchscherer, Oconomowoc; Carlee Uttech, Watertown; Noelle Vanderhoof, Watertown; Elijah Vik, Fort Atkinson; Caleb Wensel, Johnson Creek; Aubrey Wilke, Waterloo; Easton Wolfram, Sun Prairie; Kayden Zech, DeForest; Kourtney Zech, DeForest

Grade 10

Aidan Berg, DeForest; Isaac Bilitz, Madison; Christian Collins, Lake Mills; Joseph Dretske, Sun Prairie; Karsten Grundahl, Lake Mills; Rebecca Hallberg, Columbus; Joshua Hecht, Cottage Grove; Claire Heinrich, Madison; Ella Hembrook, Jefferson; Aaron Hirsch, Johnson Creek; Isabela Hobbs, Watertown; Megan Huber, Columbus; Olivia Ibeling, Cambridge; Elsa Johansson, Columbus; Joshua Jorgensen, Mc Farland; Mia Krahn, Sun Prairie; Paige Krahn, Sun Prairie; Kylee Krutsinger, Cottage Grove; Brielle Leis, Watertown; Caitlin Lloyd, Columbus; Ambria McCrary, Sun Prairie; Maria Meier, Watertown; Emma Meis, Watertown; Kieghtan Rank, Madison; Alex Reinke, Watertown; Kylie Roekle, Middleton; Samuel Schmidt, Janesville; Grant Schneider, Jefferson; Hayden Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Emma Storlie, Lake Mills; Cole Teteak, Middleton; Mia Teteak, Middleton; Maria Vik, Fort Atkinson; Caitlin Weiland, Fall River; Cameron Weiland, Fall River; Freidrich Weittenhiller, DeForest; Ava Wilson, Cottage Grove

Grade 11

Olivia Bartels, Johnson Creek; Chloe Berg, DeForest; Benjamin Buxa, Oconomowoc; Bridget Cichanofsky, Reeseville; Grace Cody, Juneau; James DeNoyer, Cambridge; Jack DePrey, Sun Prairie; Marissa Duddeck, Whitewater; Jordan Genz, Watertown; Laura Giroux, Horicon; Tyler Gresens, Sun Prairie; Tyler Griffin, Lodi; Ava Heckmann, Middleton; Rose Hissom, Oconomowoc; Elizabeth Kendall, Cambridge; Grace Korth, DeForest; Claire Langille, Lake Mills; Trey Lauber, Lake Mills; Kendall Lemke, Helenville; Abigail Minning, Watertown; Grace Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Arnold Rupnow, Watertown; Reyna Rupnow, Ixonia; Emma Schultz, Lake Mills; Jenna Shadoski, Janesville; David Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Litzy Toledo, Watertown; Charlie Vogen, Oconomowoc; Hadley Wendorff, Watertown; Isaac Winters, Watertown; Averi Wolfram, Sun Prairie; Carlee Zimmermann, Jefferson

Grade 12

Kaylea Affeld, Watertown; Joshua Bittorf, Waterloo; Brynn Boche, Watertown; Ella DeNoyer, Cambridge; Mya Hemling, Beaver Dam; Samuel Knapp, Ixonia; Caleb Koester, Fort Atkinson; Matthea Lenz, Oconomowoc; Claire Liddicoat, Watertown; Lauren Lostetter, Lake Mills; Audrey Meier, Watertown; Grace Meinel, Verona; Morgan Mlsna, Lake Mills; Riley Parsons, Watertown; Carly Paske, Arlington; Annie Povich, Middleton; Alyssa Reinke, Watertown; Jameson Schmidt, Ixonia; Brock Schneider, Jefferson; Austin Schwab, Fort Atkinson; Sofia Shramek, Watertown; Nora Statz, Helenville; Hannah Uttech, Watertown; Douglas Weittenhiller III, DeForest; Logan Wensel, Johnson Creek

Honors (3.25 – 3.749 GPA)

Grade 9

River Abram, Ixonia; Isaiah Arndt, Sun Prairie; Alexander Baehr, Sun Prairie; Elaina Bagdassian, Oconomowoc; Philip Becraft, Sun Prairie; Jeremiah Borgwardt, Watertown; Avery Buchta, Ixonia; Elliot Dahl, Johnson Creek; Tyler Dahlie, Madison; Leaf Deavers, Sun Prairie; Ruth Dorn, Beaver Dam; Ava Ehlenbach, DeForest; Denisse Figueroa, Watertown; Lillian Frohmader, Fort Atkinson; Isaac Garcia, Fort Atkinson; Reagan Gebhart, Cambridge; Brandon Genz, Ixonia; Kaelynn Gulczynski, Lake Mills; Kaycee Guzman, Sun Prairie; Noah Hammond, Monona; Heidi Hartwig, Waterloo; Noah Heyerholm, Cottage Grove; Ethan Hoyt, Jefferson; Ruby Langille, Lake Mills; Brooklyn Lenz, Oconomowoc; Elana Litherland, Columbus; Elena Loest, Beaver Dam; Korben Maas, Fall River; Nolan Meis, Watertown; Audra Otto, Fort Atkinson; Rachel Proeber, Lake Mills; Joah Robinson, Helenville; Ashley Rosenau, Ixonia; Blake Scharrer, Sun Prairie; Allianna Schleef, Marshall; Payton Schultz, Watertown; Ryan Schultz, Lake Mills; Vivian Stahl, Whitewater; Sophia Starkenburg, Madison; Caleb Studnicka, Sun Prairie; Sean Turner, Watertown; Rachel Van Buren, Sun Prairie; Jackson Voelker, Columbus; Emma Wunderlich

Grade 10

Madison; Wrigley Bastian, Watertown; Caleb Bittorf, Waterloo; Kayden Bou, Madison; Braden Buss, Watertown; Archer Chaudhary, Lake Mills; Crandon Dwyer, Oconomowoc; Daniel Ertman, Fort Atkinson; Alex Evensen, Jefferson; Corinna Faes, Columbus; Hannah Hartwig, Waterloo; Caleb Heins, Ixonia; Leah Horn, Watertown; Naomi Jenson, Waterloo; Lora Kasper, Jefferson; Joshua Krenke, Jefferson; Abby Meis, Watertown; Mara Meyer, Sun Prairie; Emerson Milbrath, Watertown; Kooper Mlsna, Lake Mills; Mya Morgan, Waterloo; Elida Nerothin, Madison; Nathaniel Peterson, Sun Prairie; Amelia Povich, Middleton; Joshua Powers, Portage; Ella Ristow, Watertown; Isaac Russow, Belleville; Logan Schwab, Fort Atkinson; Jacob Vergenz, Janesville; Noah Weidner, Columbus; Elizabeth Winkelman, Watertown; Bryce Zimmermann, Jefferson

Grade 11

Levi Birkholz, Watertown; Elijah Grow, Cottage Grove; Liliana Haar, Lake Mills; Jonah Heyerholm, Cottage Grove; Rebekah Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Manuel Iglesias, Watertown; Cheyenne Johnson, Jefferson; Caden Knorr, Lake Mills; Owen Kraft, Sun Prairie; Nora Larson, Columbus; Anders Liermann, Madison; Nina Litherland, Columbus; Dane McIlvain, Edgerton; Kayley McLain, Juneau; Jonah Ozminkowski, Johnson Creek; Natalie Punzel, Watertown; Marin Riesen, Watertown; Ethan Schuetz, Lake Mills; Makenzie Sievert, Watertown; Chloe Sveom, Fort Atkinson; Cooper Tetzlaff, Pardeeville; Madelyn Vanderhoof, Watertown; Japheth Yahnke, Watertown

Grade 12

Jonathan Abel, Fort Atkinson; Caleb Andrews, DeForest; Caelan Baney, Columbus; Lydia Bilitz, Madison; Breanna Davis, Jefferson; Bear Deavers, Fort Atkinson; Mason Eckhardt, Watertown; Emma Etheridge, Madison; Eduardo Fernandez Moreno, Madison; Sarah Fisher, Madison; Aaron Fritz, Middleton; Rudy Goessling, Whitewater; Logan Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Lola Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Exene Hoard, Janesville; Trevor Holzhueter, Waterloo; Jeffrey Kalma, Hartland; Nathaniel Krenke, Jefferson; Kyle Main, Juneau; Luke Marthaler, Madison; Tyler Marty, Fort Atkinson; Michael Mittag, Beaver Dam; Calvin Murray, Sun Prairie; Nicholas Peterson, Sun Prairie; Greta Pingel, Sun Prairie; Lilian Schuetz, Lake Mills; Ethan Schulz, Beaver Dam; Spencer Sturgill, Waterloo; Jayden Thundercloud, Jefferson; Sierra Vogel, Janesville; Katelyn Wagner, Reeseville; Ianna Wolfram, Sun Prairie

Commendables (3.0 – 3.249 GPA)

Grade 9

Kyleigh Detert, Waterloo; Thomas Dwyer, Oconomowoc; Nash Foskett, Jefferson; William Herbrand, Deforest; Alex Isham, Watertown; Madeline Johnson, Jefferson; Keirsten Kautzer, Johnson Creek; Alyvia Koltanowski, Johnson Creek; John Loest, Beaver Dam; Kammeron Magritz, Lake Mills; Sofia Nakielski, Sun Prairie; Jack Simmons, Windsor; Mya Stelzer, Fort Atkinson; Rigani Straubhaar, Waterloo; Brett Thoma, Helenville; Jayne Thomas, Watertown; Nathaniel Vergenz, Janesville; Carson Vogel, Janesville; George Vogen, Oconomowoc; Emma Wilkinson, Columbus

Grade 10

Claire Boche, Watertown; Tyler Chopp, Lake Mills; Justin Griedl, Fort Atkinson; Cooper Jensen, Fort Atkinson; Luke Krauklis, Lake Mills; Kole Lostetter, Lake Mills; Riley Norenberg, Watertown; Brooke Parkhurst, Johnson Creek; Brandon Reich, Jefferson; Elizabeth Riemer, Lake Mills; Julia Schauer, Watertown; Wedmerline Schulz, Sun Prairie; Ava Stein, Lake Mills; Tyler Tauscheck, Janesville

Grade 11

Leland Christian, Oconomowoc; Grace Cook, Hartland; Julianne Dollard, Deerfield; Kaitlynn Ganey, Lake Mills; Ethan Gulczynski, Lake Mills; Juan Gulrud, Marshall; Elizabeth Gunst, Hartford; Emma Horn, Watertown; Jakub Junker, Watertown; Benjamin Klug, Oconomowoc; William Miller, Sun Prairie; Kenzie Probasco, Verona; Samantha Stapelmann, McFarland; Celia Straubhaar, Waterloo; Cyrus Wilke, Waterloo

Grade 12

Isaiah Asmus, Watertown; Eli Buchta, Ixonia; Jacob Griedl, Fort Atkinson; Hayden Hendricks, Watertown; Carter Huber, Columbus; Kathryn Kurtz, Madison; Ethan Lozano, Waterloo; William Popp, Fitchburg; Faith Retzlaff, Columbus; Sadie Schneider, Waterloo; Nick Thomas, Watertown; Ketia Vater, Watertown