Quarter 4, 2020-21 Honor Roll

Lakeside Lutheran High School is pleased to announce its academic honor for the fourth quarter of the 2020-21 school year.

High Honors Honor Roll (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Grade 9

Wrigley Bastian, Watertown; Aidan Berg, DeForest; Isaac Bilitz, Madison; Braden Buss, Watertown; Archer Chaudhary, Lake Mills; Christian Collins, Lake Mills; Joseph Dretske, Sun Prairie; Karsten Grundahl, Lake Mills; Rebecca Hallberg, Columbus; Hannah Hartwig, Lake Mills; Joshua Hecht, Madison; Claire Heinrich, Madison; Ella Hembrook, Jefferson; Aaron Hirsch, Johnson Creek; Isabela Hobbs, Watertown; Leah Horn, Watertown; Megan Huber, Columbus; Olivia Ibeling, Cambridge; Naomi Jenson, Deerfield; Elsa Johansson, Columbus; Elyse Johnson, Windsor; Joshua Jorgensen, Mc Farland; Lora Kasper, Jefferson; Mia Krahn, Sun Prairie; Paige Krahn, Sun Prairie; Kylee Krutsinger, Cottage Grove; Brielle Leis, Watertown; Caitlin Lloyd, Columbus; Ambria McCrary, Sun Prairie; Maria Meier, Watertown; Abby Meis, Watertown; Emma Meis, Watertown; Mara Meyer, Sun Prairie; Kooper Mlsna, Lake Mills; Brooke Parkhurst, Johnson Creek; Amelia Povich, Middleton; Joshua Powers, Portage; Kieghtan Rank, Madison; Alex Reinke, Watertown; Ella Ristow, Watertown; Kylie Roekle, Middleton; Samuel Schmidt, Janesville; Grant Schneider, Jefferson; Hayden Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Wedmerline Schulz, Madison; Emma Storlie, Lake Mills; Cole Teteak, Middleton; Mia Teteak, Middleton; Maria Vik, Fort Atkinson; Noah Weidner, Columbus; Caitlin Weiland, Fall River; Cameron Weiland, Fall River; Freidrich Weittenhiller, DeForest; Ava Wilson, Cottage Grove; Elizabeth Winkelman, Watertown

Grade 10

Olivia Bartels, Johnson Creek; Chloe Berg, DeForest; Benjamin Buxa, Oconomowoc; Bridget Cichanofsky, Reeseville; Grace Cook, Hartland; Jack DePrey, Sun Prairie; Marissa Duddeck, Whitewater; Jordan Genz, Watertown; Laura Giroux, Horicon; Tyler Gresens, Sun Prairie; Tyler Griffin, Lodi; Elijah Grow, Cottage Grove; Liliana Haar, Lake Mills; Ava Heckmann, Middleton; Rose Hissom, DeForest; Rebekah Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Emma Horn, Watertown; Manuel Iglesias, Watertown; Grace Korth, DeForest; Claire Langille, Lake Mills; Nora Larson, Columbus; Trey Lauber, Lake Mills; Kendall Lemke, Helenville; Anders Liermann, Madison; Dane McIlvain, Edgerton; Abigail Minning, Watertown; Grace Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Natalie Punzel, Watertown; Natalie Raymond, Sun Prairie; Jenna Shadoski, Janesville; Makenzie Sievert, Watertown; David Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Litzy Toledo, Watertown; Madelyn Vanderhoof, Watertown; Charlie Vogen, Oconomowoc; Hadley Wendorff, Watertown; Isaac Winters, Watertown; Averi Wolfram, Sun Prairie; Japheth Yahnke, Watertown; Carlee Zimmermann, Jefferson

Grade 11

Lydia Bilitz, Madison; Joshua Bittorf, Waterloo; Ella DeNoyer, Sun Prairie; Mya Hemling, Beaver Dam; Naomi Hundt, Beaver Dam; Samuel Knapp, Ixonia; Caleb Koester, Fort Atkinson; Matthea Lenz, Oconomowoc; Lauren Lostetter, Lake Mills; Kyle Main, Juneau; Audrey Meier, Watertown; Grace Meinel, Verona; Morgan Mlsna, Lake Mills; Greta Pingel, Sun Prairie; Alyssa Reinke, Watertown; Brock Schneider, Jefferson; Austin Schwab, Fort Atkinson; Nora Statz, Helenville; Hannah Uttech, Watertown; Douglas Weittenhiller III, DeForest; Logan Wensel, Johnson Creek

Grade 12

Hailey Brandt, Juneau; Elizabeth Brudos, Janesville; Ella Butzine, Sun Prairie; Lydia Buxa, Oconomowoc; Megan Grambsch, Columbus; Maya Heckmann, Middleton; Caitlin Heinrich, Madison; Joshua Hodkiewicz, DeForest; Rachel Huebner, Madison; AnaCristina Iglesias, Watertown; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; William Jorgensen, McFarland; Sydney Langille, Lake Mills; Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills; Emily Meiller, Madison; Haylee Meske, Jefferson; Isaiah Minning, Watertown; Julia Neuberger, Lake Mills; Sydney Nommensen, Fort Atkinson; Olivia Odrich, Verona; Carter Roekle, Middleton; Stephanie Schafer, Lake Mills; Evelyn Schauer, Watertown; Devin Splinter, Ixonia; Jada Teteak, Middleton; Joy Thompson-Wurz, Lake Mills; Sarah Ulsberger, Fort Atkinson; Laura Zank, Juneau

Honors (3.25 – 3.749 GPA)

Grade 9

Caleb Bittorf, Waterloo; Claire Boche, Watertown; Kayden Bou, Madison; Tyler Chopp, Lake Mills; Micaela Cooley, Columbus; Crandon Dwyer, Oconomowoc; Daniel Ertman, Fort Atkinson; Corinna Faes, Columbus; Caleb Ganey, ; Mark Garcia, Fort Atkinson; Justin Griedl, Fort Atkinson; Caleb Heins, Ixonia; Luke Krauklis, Lake Mills; Joshua Krenke, Jefferson; Alex Marty, Fort Atkinson; Amelia Meyer, Sun Prairie; Emerson Milbrath, Watertown; Mya Morgan, Sun Prairie; Elida Nerothin, Madison; Riley Norenberg, Watertown; Kylie Pearson, Fort Atkinson; Markus Rabehl, Juneau; Brandon Reich, Jefferson; Adria Saxby, Lake Mills; Jacob Vergenz, Janesville; Emma Wiedenfeld, Lake Mills; Kya Winger, Watertown; Benjamin Zambo, Helenville; Bryce Zimmermann, Jefferson

Grade 10

Shayla Asmus, Lake Mills; Levi Birkholz, Watertown; Grace Cody, Juneau; James DeNoyer, Fort Atkinson; Julianne Dollard, Deerfield; Connor Evangelist, Lake Mills; Caleb Garcia, Fort Atkinson; Ethan Gulczynski, Sun Prairie; Juan Gulrud, Marshall; Jonah Heyerholm, Cottage Grove; Cheyenne Johnson, Sun Prairie; Benjamin Klug, Oconomowoc; Owen Kraft, Sun Prairie; Nina Litherland, Columbus; Kayley McLain, Juneau; William Miller, Sun Prairie; Jonah Ozminkowski, Johnson Creek; Marin Riesen, Watertown; Reyna Rupnow, Ixonia; Ethan Schuetz, Lake Mills; Emma Schultz, Lake Mills; Celia Straubhaar, Waterloo; Cooper Tetzlaff, Pardeeville

Grade 11

Jonathan Abel, Fort Atkinson; Kaylea Affeld, Watertown; Brynn Boche, Watertown; Mason Eckhardt, Watertown; Sarah Fisher, Madison; Aaron Fritz, Middleton; Lola Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Claire Liddicoat, Watertown; Michael Mittag, Beaver Dam; Calvin Murray, Sun Prairie; Riley Parsons, Watertown; Carly Paske, Arlington; William Popp, Fitchburg; Annie Povich, Middleton; Jameson Schmidt, Ixonia; Sadie Schneider, Waterloo; Lily Schuetz, Lake Mills; Sofia Shramek, Watertown; Spencer Sturgill, Waterloo; Jayden Thundercloud, Jefferson; Ianna Wolfram, Sun Prairie

Grade 12

Isaiah Andress, Ixonia; Nathan Chesterman, Sun Prairie; Isabella Cook, Hartland; Kylee Gnabasik, Jefferson; Jada Gresens, Sun Prairie; Ashley Grundman, Waterloo; Austin Haley, Waterloo; Julia Hallman, Watertown; Graham Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Nathaniel Heins, Ixonia; Emmilee Hillier, Sun Prairie; Samuel Ibeling, Cambridge; Jordyn Jaeger, Lake Mills; Joel Kluz, Juneau; Anna Kreutz, Madison; Payton Kuepers, Madison; Elizabeth Loppnow, Lake Mills; Remy Matthews, Sun Prairie; Hannah Meyer, Jefferson; Hailey Miller, Sun Prairie; Mia Murray, Middleton; Micah Nasett, Marshall; Benjamin Neumann, Oconomowoc; John O’Donnell, Madison; Ian Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Alyssa Ratzow, Watertown; Kaylee Raymond, Sun Prairie; Lillian Runke, Sun Prairie; Riley Schmidt, Janesville; Caroline Schulz, DeForest; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Connor Slattery, Lake Mills; Morgan Slonaker, Oconomowoc; Claudia Stuebs, Lake Mills; Evelyn Terry, Ixonia; Gabriel Uttech, Fall River; Tersony Vater, Watertown; Seth Veers, Cross Plains; Kendra Wilson, Cottage Grove; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam; Nicholas Yaroch, Fall River

Commendables (3.0 – 3.249 GPA)

Grade 9

Katelynn De Galley, Watertown; Lucas Eckhardt, Watertown; Brady Grambsch, Columbus; Cooper Jensen, Fort Atkinson; Brayden Pearson, Fort Atkinson; Julia Schauer, Watertown

Grade 10

Caden Knorr, Lake Mills; Samantha Stapelmann, McFarland; Chloe Sveom, Fort Atkinson; Carsen Uttech, Watertown; Ryan Vice, Watertown; Joshua Waack, Watertown; Nathan Yaroch, Fall River

Grade 11

Caleb Andrews, DeForest; Isaiah Asmus, Watertown; Caelan Baney, Columbus; Breanna Davis, Jefferson; Jacob Griedl, Fort Atkinson; Logan Hilbelink, Lake Mills; Carter Huber, Columbus; Nathaniel Krenke, Jefferson; Ethan Lozano, Waterloo; Nicholas Peterson, Sun Prairie; Emily Schafer, Lake Mills; Sierra Vogel, Watertown; Abigail Willitz, Fort Atkinson

Grade 12

Joseph Balistreri, Watertown; Micah Cody, Juneau; Noah Fields, Sun Prairie; Stephanie Georgi, Sun Prairie; Connor Griffin, Lodi; Bryan Guzman, Sun Prairie; Kristel Hafenstein, Beaver Dam; Caleb Hermanson, Madison; Kyle Jaeger, Watertown; Nicholas Klug, Oconomowoc; Olivia Krieser, Stoughton; Madison McGurk, Lake Mills; Ryan Punzel, Watertown; Christian Schmidt, Ixonia; Darren Schuster, Juneau; Lily Storlie, Lake Mills; Dakota Vogel, Janesville

Grace Seim: The Impact of Christian Education

My future plans have nearly always been to go to Martin Luther College to become certified to teach in the WELS, and I plan to minor in music because I believe that is where I can glorify God best.

Through my years at Lakeside, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of teachers super-passionate about what they teach, and that just inspired me even more to go pursue a life in public ministry. [Senior religion teacher] Pastor Helwig and [band director] Mr. Pufahl helped me when I had doubts; other teachers that especially stand out as passionate about what they do include Mr. Doering [social studies] and Mr. Bauer [science]. They seem to enjoy what they do every day; if I’m only half as passionate about teaching, I think I could go places.

With my trombone in hand, I am part of nearly all parts of the band: Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Summer Marching Band. I also have been on the track team all four years, and I am in the Teens for Christ service group as well as in National Honor Society.

I have really enjoyed my time at Lakeside. Along with many of my classmates, I’m grateful for so many opportunities for us to realize where our gifts lie and how we can best glorify God and increase our understanding of Him no matter what vocation we pursue.

Grace, daughter of Steve and Julie, is a member of St. Stephen, Beaver Dam. She graduated along with 103 others in the LLHS Class of 2021.

Grace leads through experience during band camp before heading to St. Louis with the rest of the Warrior marchers this summer. After four years of faithful participation, Grace was awarded both Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding Musician awards by the LLHS music department this spring.
In her track career, she runs 100m and 300m hurdles, high jumps and triple jumps. 

Warrior Band wins parade awards

ST. LOUIS – The Lakeside Lutheran High School Warrior Band returned to another successful summer, marching in five local area and two midwestern holiday parades, collecting two awards in Missouri.

The Lakeside Lutheran Warrior Band marched in five Wisconsin parades and two Midwest parades in its summer 2021 season, including America’s Birthday Parade in St. Louis on July 3, 2021. Photo credit: Steve Seim

The season culminated with a 4-day trip July 1-4 to St. Louis, home of the annual America’s Birthday Parade. The band, alongside color and honor guards, marched there Saturday, July 3, and took second place overall among almost a dozen bands from across the Midwest, with an additional caption award for “Outstanding Marching Performance.” Band members enjoyed the rest of their tour in activities that included a visit to Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site, a Six Flags amusement and waterpark, and the Gateway Arch National Park. On Sunday, July 4, the band impressed crowds at an Independence Day parade in Glen Ellyn, Ill. The summer season also included Wisconsin parades in Appleton, Mt. Horeb, Mukwonago, Lake Mills, and Hartland in June. 

Warrior Band members pose with the second-place overall trophy and “Outstanding Marching Performance” caption awards earned at the St. Louis America’s Birthday Parade on July 3, 2021.

The Lakeside Lutheran Warrior Band is classified as a marching, or parade, band (as opposed to “show” bands that emphasize field displays) because it incorporates complex choreography performed on the street during parades. This year’s parade performance piece combined parts of Jay Dawson’s arrangements of “Incantation” with the powerful fanfare from Cirque de Soleil’s “Atmadja.”

The band is already preparing for a major trip next summer to participate in the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. The trip is scheduled for June 30-July 14, 2022, and features, among others, Independence celebration parades in the Mt. Rushmore area as well as the Stampede Parade the next weekend, where more than 250,000 people lined the 2.5-mile route in downtown Calgary for the 2019 event. For more information about the Lakeside Lutheran Warrior Band, contact Director Glen Pufahl at gpufahl@llhs.org or 920-648-2321.

Additional photos of the 2021 Warrior Band trip are available for browsing and sharing on the LLHS smugmug archive.

Elijah Wohling: Thankful for LLHS

Many Lakeside teachers have encouraged me toward my plan to attend Martin Luther College in the pastor track, and I am grateful for the guidance during these past four years. A few specific people who especially helped me on this path include Pastor Helwig, [Guidance Director] Mr. Rosenau, and [former sophomore religion teacher] Pastor Clark [Schultz].

Lakeside allowed me so many great opportunities. The band and choir programs, as well as sports, were super fun. Academic classes were sometimes challenging, but the teachers are always willing to help out with questions on homework or anything. The fact that every day we got to hear God’s Word, whether it be through religion classes or through the daily devotions, was super-duper awesome—it helped me remember what our ultimate goal in life is.

Looking back over my years of high school, I walk away feeling that Lakeside is a school well worth the travel and sacrifice it takes many families. The classes are well-taught, the extras are really fun, and we get to hear God’s saving Word on a daily basis. Thanks for helping me get to experience this.

Elijah, son of Scott and Dawn, is a member at St. John, Juneau.

Principal’s Pen: Celebrate Christian independence

The Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. On a single page, the 13 American colonies declared their freedom from the British Empire. Instead, they formed a new nation—the United States of America. The 56 signers risked everything so that this new country might enjoy freedom.

When celebrating our nation’s independence, how many Americans truly reflect on their personal freedom? For that matter, how many Christians grasp the freedom that we, as believers, enjoy in this country? We can easily overlook our religious freedom amid the picnics, parades, and fireworks.

Christians have a unique declaration of independence. It is not a paper document. But, it is signed by the eternal Son of God with his own blood. He risked everything for our freedom. Through him and his declaration, we are free from sin, death, and Satan.

We are free from the guilt of sin that robs us of a clear conscience. We are free from death that would separate us forever from God. We are free from Satan who no longer controls those who are the Lord’s. We can celebrate our Christian freedom daily as we serve God now and in eternity.

As Christians, we may often take for granted our freedom won by Jesus. Yet, he makes it ours through faith in his perfect life, innocent death, and glorious resurrection.

Enjoy your freedom on Independence Day 2021. This year, especially, it may carry more meaning for you. But, as you celebrate, recall and rejoice in the special freedom that Christ won for you and all believers.

Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran High. Reach him at 920.648.2321 or jgrasby@llhs.org

Principal’s Pen: Appreciate the handiwork

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).

Nearly everyone appreciates fine craftsmanship. Whether it’s beautiful furniture with precisely-mitered cuts, an inspiring piece of music with artful design, or fashionable clothing with expert tailoring, true craftsmanship is to be admired.

Paul tells the Ephesians that “we are God’s handiwork.” The Greek word for “handiwork” is poiēma, the basis of the word poem. God crafts us with perfect skill just as a poet crafts ideas, words, and sounds. With God’s divine craftsmanship, we are exactly as he determines: our physical features, our talents, and our thinking. We are just as he plans. After all, “we are God’s handiwork.”

Preceding this verse are two key verses of the Christian faith: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9). We are saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ. His grace is unearned and undeserved. Why he offers it to rebellious sinners, no one can fully explain. Yet, he does. God graciously provides his Word to show the only way of salvation through Jesus. Then, when that Word grows into saving faith, he provides opportunities for us—his handiwork—to live by faith. God even specially prepares these works for us to do.

Our world denies God and questions his being. Many ignore the natural signs of God in creation, attempting to eliminate him from daily life. Others question his purpose for us, denying his deity and questioning his created plan for us.

This is where the opening passage comforts us with truth. Who God is, what his purpose is for us, and how he plans for and provides opportunities for us to perform good works by faith—all point to a loving God who created us as his one-of-a-kind handiwork.

“For we are God’s handiwork.” Just as an artisan selects choice material and uses expertise to craft objects of beauty, God deliberately shapes each of us. He makes no mistakes. He makes us just as he intends so that we may serve him and others in love.

Indeed, “we are God’s handiwork!”

Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran High.
Reach him at 920.648.2321 or jgrasby@llhs.org

Lakeside Lutheran recognizes Badger State reps

From left: Sam Knapp, Caleb Koester, Morgan Mlsna, Alyssa Reinke

Lakeside Lutheran High School announced the students selected as 2021 Badger Boys and Girls State representatives. Since Badger State for both boys and girls have been canceled for 2021, these students were recognized for their achievements at the Academic Awards night on May 5 at Lakeside.

The boys nominated to represent Lakeside Lutheran are Samuel Knapp, son of Kyle and Juli of Ixonia, and Caleb Koester, son of Jason and Brenda of Fort Atkinson. The girls who were chosen are Morgan Mlsna, daughter of Ben and Jessica of Lake Mills, and Alyssa Reinke, daughter of David and Tina of Watertown. 

Morgan Mlsna is planning a career as an emergency room physician. She has participated in basketball, volleyball, track and cross country. Mlsna, a member of the National Honor Society, is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper and is also on the yearbook committee. She serves on Teens for Christ and the prom planning committee. She also is active in her youth group and with the Rock Lake Activity Center. She will be organizing a sports camp in  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this summer with Operation Go, the school’s mission trip program. A member at St. Paul Lutheran, Lake Mills, Mlsna works at the Lake Mills library, Lake Ripley Country Club, and Jelli’s Farm.

Alyssa Reinke is a member of National Honor Society, active in Teens for Christ and served as a Student Council rep her junior year. She has participated in softball, volleyball, and basketball. She will be helping with an outdoor camp VBS in  Fredricksburg, Virginia, this summer with Operation Go. She is also active in her St. Luke, Watertown youth group. Reinke is considering becoming a teacher and coach in secondary education. She currently works at River Bend Resort.

Samuel Knapp is a member of the football and basketball teams. He is also in the National Honor Society and helps with the yearly campus blood drive. At his church, St. Matthew Lutheran in Oconomowoc, he participates in youth group and service projects. Knapp had been selected and would have attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy Camp; he has participated in Rotary breakfasts. He is a freight team member at Fleet Farm and  is deciding between a career in sports medicine or law. 

Caleb Koester is a member of Lakeside’s A Cappella Choir, National Honor Society, and Teens for Christ. He has participated in basketball and currently plays football and baseball. He also volunteers with the blood drive. A member at St. Paul Lutheran, Fort Atkinson, he reads Scripture for the Christmas Eve service. Koester, who has attended the Lake Mills Rotary Club breakfast, works at Home Depot and is considering a career in engineering. 

Sponsored by the Wisconsin American Legion and its Auxiliary, the goals of Badger State are to prepare young men and women of high school age for citizenship in a modern world, teach principles of democracy, instill a love of country and desire to preserve our government. Schools are encouraged to select representatives based on a combination of interest shown, leadership qualities, character, fitness, scholarship and extra-curricular activities.

Lakeside Lutheran musicians receive recognition

The Lakeside Lutheran Music Department, led by Choir Director James Buege and Band Director Glen Pufahl, presented music awards for the 2020-21 academic year to several student musicians at its Commencement Concert May 23.

Performing pre-service at the concert were the musicians who qualified for the 2021 virtual state festival of the Wisconsin State Music Association (WSMA). Featured were junior Jonathan Abel, son of Chris and Megan, Fort Atkinson, for a tenor solo; sophomores Jack DePrey, son of Steve and Beth, Sun Prairie, and Isaac Winters, son of Jim and Kimara, Watertown, for piano solos; senior Elijah Wohling, son of Scott and Dawn, Juneau, for his marimba solo; and DePrey, Winters and fellow sophomore Jonah Heyerholm, son of John Heyerholm and Rita Heyerholm, both of Cottage Grove, for their piano trio. All five entries received gold medals at the state festival.

Several student musicians at Lakeside Lutheran were recognized for their contributions to the music program at the school’s Commencement Concert May 23. Award recipients include (back row, L-R) Benjamin Kasper, Helenville; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; Nick Yaroch, Fall River; Elijah Wohling, Juneau; Austin Haley, Waterloo; Riley Schmidt, Janesville; (middle row L-R) Jack DePrey, Sun Prairie; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Ella Butzine, Sun Prairie; Marissa Duddeck, Palmyra; Elsa Johansson, Columbus; Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills; (front row, L-R) Megan Grambsch, Columbus; Hannah Meyer, Jefferson; Jada Gresens, Sun Prairie.

The National School Choral Award® is the highest honor for high school choral performers. It recognizes the dedication and musical achievement of top choral students nationwide and was awarded to senior Jada Gresens, daughter of Michael and Cathy of Sun Prairie. She also received the Senior Accompanist award.

Ella Butzine, daughter of Jon and Michelle, Sun Prairie, and Hannah Meyer, daughter of Matthew Meyer, Jefferson, received Outstanding Vocalist awards for the A Cappella Choir. Three seniors, including, Austin Haley, son of Kathy Haley; Riley Schmidt, son of Stephen and Sandy, Janesville; and Grace Seim, daughter of Steve and Julie, Beaver Dam, received Outstanding Leadership awards. Seniors Brendan McKenna, son of Sam and Missy, Lake Mills, and Elijah Wohling, received Student Speaker Awards for their efforts in A Cappella Choir on its Sunday morning worship service participation at area congregations throughout the school year. Jack DePrey received the M. Gueldner Rusch Music scholarship to attend a summer university music workshop.

In band, Outstanding Musicians are chosen by fellow band members in recognition for  achievements, cooperation and dedication to the Lakeside Lutheran band program. This year’s recipients include six seniors, a junior and a sophomore, including seniors Ella Butzine, percussion; Grace Seim, trombone; Elijah Wohling, percussion; Megan Grambsch, daughter of Chad and Rachel, Columbus, flute; Elizabeth Isham, daughter of Giles and Stacey, Watertown, clarinet; Nick Yaroch, son of Matt and Sue, Fall River, trumpet; junior Benjamin Kasper, son of Caleb and Sara, Helenville, percussion; sophomore Marissa Duddeck, daughter of Timothy Duddeck, Palmyra, saxophone. Grace Seim and freshman Elsa Johansson, daughter of Nils and Lara, Columbus, were recognized in the “300-Point Club” for outstanding participation and leadership throughout the year.

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award® was inaugurated in 1974 with the consent of his widow shortly after this great jazz artist died in 1971. It honors the outstanding jazz musician at each high school nationwide; this year’s award was presented to Nick Yaroch. The Woody Herman Jazz Award® was created in 1988, shortly after Herman’s death, also to honor outstanding jazz students, and was given to Marissa Duddeck.

Said to be the most prestigious band award given to a high school band member, the John Philip Sousa Band Award is given to recognize superior musicianship, dependability, loyalty, and cooperation, and was awarded to Megan Grambsch.

 All five entries from Lakeside Lutheran High School were awarded gold medals in the 2021 virtual state festival of the Wisconsin State Music Association (WSMA), including (L-R): sophomore Isaac Winters, Watertown, piano solo and piano trio; sophomore Jack DePrey, Sun Prairie, piano solo and piano trio; junior Jonathan Abel, Fort Atkinson, tenor solo; senior Elijah Wohling, Juneau, marimba solo. Missing is Jonah Heyerholm, Cottage Grove, piano trio.

Zweifel and Moyle Memorial Scholarships awarded

Senior Grace Seim, daughter of Steve and Julie of Beaver Dam, received the annual Ryan J. Zweifel Memorial Scholarship for those entering the WELS teaching ministry. Senior Elijah Wohling, son of Scott and Dawn of Beaver Dam, received this year’s Zachary D. Moyle Memorial Scholarship for those entering the preaching ministry. 

These scholarship endowments in memory of Zachary D. Moyle and Ryan J. Zweifel, both from the LL Class of 2008, were established in 2009 after the young men were killed in a car accident after their first year at MLC. The $2,500 scholarships were designed to encourage and assist Lakeside Lutheran High School graduates who attend Martin Luther College to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seim awarded American Association of University Women scholarship

Lakeside Lutheran High school senior Grace Seim, daughter of Steve and Julie Seim, Beaver Dam, was awarded a $2,000 American Association of University Women Scholarship from the Beaver Dam AAUW branch. A merit-based scholarship, selection is based on difficulty of curriculum, GPA, service to the community, and personal traits. Teachers provide in-class rankings, and involvement in extra-curriculars weighs in as well.

In addition to a consistent appearance on the Lakeside honor roll, Seim is deeply involved in band and choir activities. When the Warrior Band could not march in summer 2020, she organized nursing home performances of small groups of Lakeside students who played mini concerts outside living facilities. She was awarded Leadership and Outstanding Musician awards at the recent Commencement Concert at the school. She is a cross country runner in the fall and a hurdler in spring Track and Field season. She was voted Homecoming queen by her peers in fall 2020. In addition to being in the National Honor Society, she serves the school and community in the Lakeside Teens for Christ service group. She will also be helping run a youth soccer VBS in West Bend, Wis., this summer as a part of the Lakeside Operation GO mission trip program.

Grace “has earned the respect of her teachers and peers alike,” says Lakeside Lutheran Guidance Director Andy Rosenau. “She is using her gifts fully and is an excellent choice as a recipient of this scholarship.” Seim plans to pursue a teaching degree at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minn.

According to the AAUW Beaver Dam website, scholarship selections are made by the Beaver Dam High School Scholarship Program Committee, with two to three scholarships yearly. At least one recipient is chosen from Beaver Dam High School and no more than one is selected from another area high school.