Cichanofsky receives awards

Cichanofsky, Zachary(edited)Zach Cichanofsky, a May 2018 graduate from Lakeside Lutheran High School, Lake Mills, received a Technical Excellence Scholarship from the State of Wisconsin. This award is given to Wisconsin high school seniors who have the highest demonstrated level of proficiency in technical education subjects. The scholarship is to be used at a school within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and is valued at up to $2,250 per year, to be applied towards tuition for six semesters. Cichanofsky will attend Waukesha County Technical College. He also received a Snap-On Tool award valued at $3,905.00 from the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association. While he is in school he will also work for J & L Tire, Truck, and Trailer Shop in Johnson Creek.


TFC New Friends: Make new friends near

For the past 59 years, students at LLHS have focused on service. For some, it meant SHO Team and giving presentations about alcohol and drug abuse to grade schools. Others belonged to Teens for Life, and were passionate about speaking out of the lives of all people, especially those who cannot speak for themselves. Some joined Affinity, a group that began in 2001 to encourage students to use their “time and God-given abilities to serve our fellow students, school and its neighbors.”

Today, students join Teens for Christ—and serve God and others in a number of ways. This year, TfC started New Friends, where LL teens hang and develop friendships with people who have special needs. All can join in fun activities, such as human bowling, karaoke, face painting, basketball, crafts, music, and, of course, snack (they’re teens!).

Held three times in the 2017-18 school year, more than 50 Lakeside teens participated each time. “We are excited to share God’s Word with more individuals in our community,” says Ruth Hirschfeld, LLHS faculty adviser to Teens for Christ. “New Friends allows us to witness to the joy that faith in Jesus brings as we have fun. It has the potential to inspire and impact both the community participants and the teens who are looking to make some new friends.” Senior Sophie Collins agreed. “People with special needs can learn from us, but we can also learn from them,” she said. “Getting a strike in bowling can make someone so happy. It helps us remember the little things in life and to stay positive. I am always amazed by the happiness.”

She also saw the need to spread the word about the program. “The most important part for us is to not only have people come back, but have more people come and join us every time.” she said.” We’re learning how to let people know this is going on.”

Caretakers of anyone with special needs who may be interested in attending next year should contact Hirschfeld at, or 920-648-2321 x2210.

(from Link, vol. 13, 2018 Issue 1)

OpGo: Make new friends far

In 2015, LLHS faculty Pastors Caleb Davisson and Clark Schultz worked with Kingdom Workers to find three unique locations and four different student trips that would enable Warrior teens who wanted to “GO” with the Gospel. That summer, 15 Warriors headed to Toronto, New Jersey, and Louisville to help with canvassing and camps and VBS.

In 2018, 35 students make up seven teams that are headed to six locations for soccer camp, art camps, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) camp, as well as VBS and canvassing activities. From Alaska to Idaho…from New York to New Orleans…New Jersey to Antigua, these summer mission trips are known as “Operation GO.”

Students and the host congregations develop bonds that last beyond a week, with many participants keeping in touch with their host families throughout the school year. For the soccer camp and STEM camp held at Faith Lutheran Church and School, Anchorage, there’s an even more special connection. Pastor Chris Ewings ‘01 and Principal Tom Zarnstorff ‘74 are Lakeside alum.

Pastor Ewings married Cara, an Alaska native, and has five children. He appreciates how Lakeside and its “amazingly talented staff” prepared him for the ministry. “Herr Walta changed me from a boy to a man,” he says. “He equipped me with gifts to learn how to learn, to take responsibility, to do my best. I learned new levels of excellence. Plus, with sports I learned how to integrate with other kids my age, work hard and give my very best.”

Still, he is thankful for something even more important. “Pastor Stuebs’ religion class deepened my faith. There’s where my faith became more than academic. I knew Jesus as my Savior and my God,” he says.

Now, he is thankful to see his alma mater and his ministry working together. “This is such an amazing blessing—to see kids with faith on fire, who put faith into action. It’s a jolt of action for kids in our church to see, and they are encouraged to serve in ways they might not have before,” he says.

After all, this is a leap of faith for teens to come to a city where three out of four people don’t believe in God.

“It takes some nerve to share Jesus with kids they’ve never met. What a blessing for Faith, not only as we seek to do outreach, but also that our members—from oldest adult to youngest—say ‘Wow! They are living their faith!’” he says. “We are absolutely thrilled about this opportunity and hope we can keep this partnership going!”

And, he says, “for Lakeside Lakeside Lakeside, we will!”


(from Link, vol. 13, 2018 Issue 1)

LLHS Quarter 4, 2017-18 Honor Roll

LLHS honor roll

Lakeside Lutheran High School is proud to announce its honor roll for the fourth quarter of academic year 2017-18:

High Honors Honor Roll (3.75-4.0 GPA)

Grade 9

Elizabeth Brudos, Janesville; Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc; Lydia Buxa, Oconomowoc; Cooper Clark, Lake Mills; Kinsey Gade, Lake Mills; Megan Grambsch, Columbus; Jada Gresens, Sun Prairie; Ashley Grundman, Waterloo; Graham Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Maya Heckmann, Middleton; Caitlin Heinrich, Madison; Emmilee Hillier, Sun Prairie; Joshua Hodkiewicz, DeForest; AnaCristina Iglesias, Watertown; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; Jordyn Jaeger, Lake Mills; William Jorgensen, McFarland; Payton Kuepers, Madison; Sydney Langille, Lake Mills; Madison McGurk, Lake Mills; Brendan McKenna, Lake Mills; Haylee Meske, Jefferson; Hailey Miller, Sun Prairie; Isaiah Minning, Watertown; Julia Neuberger, Lake Mills; Kaylee Raymond, Sun Prairie; Carter Roekle, Middleton; Evelyn Schauer, Watertown; Riley Schmidt, Janesville; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Morgan Slonaker, De Forest; Devin Splinter, Ixonia; Emma Strohm, Watertown; Claudia Stuebs, Lake Mills; Jennifer Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Evelyn Terry, Ixonia; Jada Teteak, Middleton; Joy Thompson-Wurz, Lake Mills; Sarah Ulsberger, Fort Atkinson; Seth Veers, Cross Plains; Kendra Wilson, Cottage Grove; Laura Zank, Juneau

Grade 10

Madeline Abel, Fort Atkinson; Ashley Behnke, Watertown; Emma Berg, Madison; Anna Bilitz, Madison; Annika Bilitz, Cottage Grove; Ryann Burger, Lake Mills; Kaitlyn Buss, Watertown; Oliver Butler, Ixonia; Alicia Childs, Columbus; Isabella Collins, Lake Mills; Samantha Detert, Watertown; Kyle Doering, Lake Mills; Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Calvin Grant, Sun Prairie; Cody Gumz, Marshall ; Gilbert Haw, Marshall; Janae Jensen, Juneau; Kristin Karas, Milton; Kendra Kasper, Helenville; Lydia Krenke, Jefferson; Serena Leis, Wilton; Seth Lozano, Waterloo; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Brynn McDermott, Poynette; Katelyn McGurk, Lake Mills; Elise Meier, Watertown; Alessandra Murray, Sun Prairie; Logan Pampel, Johnson Creek; Bronte Perkins, Madison; Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Megan Reinke, Watertown; Alex Ryan, Lake Mills; Carter Schneider, Jefferson; Owen Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Espen Storlie, Jefferson; Nathaniel Stout, Janesville; Molly Sturgill, Waterloo; Dinesh Tadepalli, Sun Prairie; Lauren Thiele, Poynette; Kirsten Thundercloud, Jefferson; Amber Wardall, Waterloo; Grace Westrate, Sun Prairie; Christopher Yunck, Lake Mills

Grade 11

Abigail Buxa, Oconomowoc; Will DeNoyer, Sun Prairie; Alyssa Fehrman, Juneau; Katherine Guld, Lake Mills; Lukas Heckmann, Middleton; Gracie Hillier, Sun Prairie; Brevin Jegerlehner, Sun Prairie; Rebecca Lang, Lake Mills; Cole Lauersdorf, Oconomowoc; Kayla Laures, Jefferson; Kyle Leis, Wilton; Jack Monis, Oconomowoc; Mariah Mortensen, Beaver Dam; Ethan Neumann, Oconomowoc; Chad Nolte, Janesville; Lucas Schneider, Waterloo; Kaitlyn Shadoski, Janesville; Jackson Stake, Stoughton; Anna Swenson, Beaver Dam; Taylor Wolfram, Fort Atkinson; Peter Zambo, Lake Mills

Grade 12

Kalies Birkholz, Watertown; Skyler Christianson, Janesville; Zachary Cichanofsky, Watertown; Sophia Collins, Lake Mills; Jenna Gaal, Oconomowoc; Kaitlyn Gehler, Waterloo; Gabrielle Grunewald, Bettendorf; Emma Guld, Lake Mills; Kelly Koch, Watertown; Samantha Kohls, Waterloo; Kaitlin Main, Juneau; Ashley McLain, Juneau; Melissa Murack, Sullivan; James Neuberger, Lake Mills; Eric Pillard, Oconomowoc; Emily Raymond, Sun Prairie; Katharina Schleef, Watertown; Brett Schwantes, Madison; Sarah Taylor Evert, Beaver Dam; Morgan Thiele, Poynette; Gerald Weber, Sun Prairie; Matthias Winters, Watertown

Honors (3.25 – 3.749 GPA)

Grade 9

Isaiah Andress, Oconomowoc; Nathan Chesterman, Sun Prairie; Isabella Cook, Hartland; Jack Egelseer, Lake Mills; Adriana Genthe, Lake Mills; Kylee Gnabasik, Jefferson; Kristel Hafenstein, Beaver Dam; Austin Haley, Watertown; Julia Hallman, Fort Atkinson; Rachel Huebner, Madison; Samuel Ibeling, Cambridge; Joel Kluz, Juneau; Anna Kreutz, Madison; Olivia Krieser, Stoughton; Elizabeth Loppnow, Lebanon; Remy Matthews, Sun Prairie; Emily Meiller, Madison; Hannah Meyer, Lake Mills; Isabella Mueller, Sun Prairie; Mia Murray, Middleton; Micah Nasett, Marshall; Benjamin Neumann, Oconomowoc; Olivia Odrich, Verona; Ian Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Alyssa Ratzow, Watertown; Logan Reich, Jefferson; Payton Roth, Watertown; Lillian Runke, Sun Prairie; Stephanie Schafer, Lake Mills; Caroline Schulz, DeForest ; Darren Schuster, Juneau; Anika Stone, Fitchburg; Lily Storlie, Jefferson; Gabriel Uttech, Fall River; Tersony Vater, Watertown; Amber Vertein, Watertown; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam; Nicholas Yaroch, Fall River

Grade 10

Jocelyn Asmus, Lake Mills; Kaitlin Burk, Johnson Creek; Matthew Davis, Lake Mills; Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson; Connor Dobson, Johnson Creek; Elli Duddeck, Ixonia; Haakon Ellestad, Sun Prairie; Daniel Faupl, Watertown; Trevor Geerdts, Lake Mills; Emily Godwin, Madison; August Gresens, Sun Prairie; Matthew Gunst, Hartford; Jeremy Hathaway, Watertown; Jacob Holmes, Jefferson; Karissa Kilian, Lake Mills; Elijah Knapp, Ixonia; Hannah Koenig, Cambridge; Taylor Laures, Jefferson; Michael Martin, Watertown; Wesley McLain, Juneau; Micah Missall, Rio; Kobe Paske, Arlington; Breanna Preskar, Juneau; Collin Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Cole Schuster, Juneau; Emma Statz, Jefferson; Katie Stuebs, Lake Mills; Isaiah Terry, Ixonia; Keira Thurnbauer, Lake Mills; Ashley Valerio, Watertown

Grade 11

Tyler Affeld, Watertown; Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie; Olivia Andress, Oconomowoc; Megan Borth, Watertown; William Bushie, Watertown; Margaret Cody, Juneau; Olivia Fregien, Madison; Noelle Gates, Middleton; Benjamin Grambsch, Columbus; Seth Hackbarth, Lake Mills; Jennica Jensen, Juneau; Paul Johnson, Janesville; Olivia Kassulke, Watertown; Madelynn Klug, Ixonia; Grace Krieser, Stoughton; Caleb Kuepers, Madison; Grace Loescher, Watertown; Taylor Luetzow, Watertown; Luke Marti, Oconomowoc; Hayden Oestreich, Watertown; Mira Parker, Deforest; Ryan Preskar, Juneau; Caleb Raymond, Sun Prairie; Dominic Schmidt, Watertown; Dustin Schulz, Beaver Dam; Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Christopher Schwantes, Madison; Luke Stauffacher, Madison; Maxwell Thiele, Oconomowoc; Max Thomas, Watertown; Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc; Olivia Turke, Oconomowoc; Kira Tweit, Madison; Isac Veers, Cross Plains; Hannah Willems, Johnson Creek

Grade 12

Sofia Asmus, Lake Mills; Kelsey Birschbach, Deforest ; Alyssa Condon, Watertown; Kaitlyn Drewicz, Watertown; Ashley Fritz, Middleton; Noah Gartner, Johnson Creek; Joseph Grambsch, Columbus; Timothy Grant, Sun Prairie; Kayla Grundman, Waterloo; Emma Hans, Jefferson; Isaac Heckmann, Middleton; Benjamin Hodel, Lake Mills; Alexander Hoenecke, Waunakee; Shannon Jones, Johnson Creek; Samantha Kluever, Marshall; Isaiah Lenz, Oconomowoc; Hannah Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Aaron Natvig, Cottage Grove; Ian Olson, Sun Prairie; Devon Perkins, Madison; Charles Pingel, Sun Prairie; Amber Rowoldt, Watertown; Emelyn Schoeller, Helenville; Katrina Stratman, Beaver Dam; Griffin Torgerson, Watertown; Philip Treptow, Avalon; Emily Weber, Helenville; Maria Werre, Sun Prairie; Ellie Westrate, Sun Prairie

Commendables (3.0 – 3.249 GPA)

Grade 9

Kendra Blake, Watertown; Micah Cody, Juneau; Stephanie Georgi, Sun Prairie; Nathaniel Heins, Ixonia; Kyle Jaeger, Watertown; William Meland, Verona; Kennedy Pugh, Watertown; Ryan Punzel, Watertown; Ryan Reyes, Watertown; Jack Schultz, Columbus

Grade 10

Karleena Battist, Waterloo; Maximus Bennett, Fort Atkinson; Arthur Evangelist, Lake Mills; Jacob Horta, Helenville; Abel Krauklis, Lake Mills; Maria Saavedra, Watertown; Tyler Surges, Nashotah; Grace Thomas, Watertown; Noah Vanderhoof, Beaver Dam

Grade 11

Janelle Arndt, Watertown; Vanessa Bischoff, Juneau; Seth Bolin, Lake Mills; Caitlin Condon, Watertown; Maddison Fenner, Fort Atkinson; Joshua Groninger, Janesville; Kaleigh Hatcher, Oconomowoc; Tyler Holzhueter, Waterloo; Cannon Kerr, Watertown; Carter Kexel, Lake Mills; Joshua Lindert, Watertown; Molly Lindloff, Lake Mills; Emily Meske, Jefferson; Austin Meyer, Lake Mills; Charles Miller, Sun Prairie; Timothy Nommensen, Deerfield; Cameron Paske, Arlington; Rachel Poyner, Madison; Catherine Richart, Watertown; Anna Rue, Fort Atkinson; Logan Scheiber, Watertown; Amanda Seelman, Watertown; Hannah Tucek, Lake Mills; Jacob Ulrich, Lake Mills

Grade 12

Andrew Burk, Johnson Creek; Isaiah Coleman, Watertown; Samantha DeNoyer, Fort Atkinson; Amber Fortney, Columbus; Maria Murray, Middleton; Jeremy Nehls, Juneau; Cade Olszewski, Johnson Creek; Dustin Pampel, Johnson Creek; Bridgette Schoebel, Beaver Dam; Kailey Schoenherr, Sun Prairie; Elizabeth Valerio, Watertown

Mr. Johnson retires

After 25 years at Lakeside, I am retiring from the teaching ministry. From 8 am to 5 pm almost every school day spent with students and teachers will shape any person profoundly, as it did me. However, Lakeside wasn’t my only teaching station and that has given me a unique perspective.

My first 16 years occurred in a public school which was full of many Christian students, parents, and teachers. Those families and teachers live through the very same issues with sin and Cross-bearing as we all do at Lakeside. So I can bear witness to the fact that the difference for Lakeside is not that we are Christian and they are not. The difference is that Jesus is openly and intentionally included here.

Teachers here open the Bible every morning together; everyone in the school devotes some time after second hour to a message from the Word of God. Every student, every day, attends a full class period to a study of the Word. Every day we teach and learn the usual high school subjects, all the while engulfed and breathing in an atmosphere of God’s great promises. I know that the Word changes people; it is daily changing your children, my colleagues and co-workers, and this kind of change is truly a beautiful thing.

I am grateful to God for guiding me thus far through Lakeside, and I am grateful to students, parents and teachers for accepting me and letting me share in something very special.

—Lance Johnson

(from Link, vol. 13, 2018 Issue 1)


Scholarship Recipients Announced

Lakeside Lutheran High School announces that 45 students in the class of 2018 report over $812,000 in scholarship money from individuals, foundations, organizations and the schools they applied to attend. Of the 85 graduates, 77 have indicated plans to continue their education in the fall of 2018, while three plan to enter the military. Scholarships marked with an asterisk (*) indicate a renewable scholarship.

Sofia Asmus, daughter of Andrew and Gretchen of Lake Mills: Concordia Luther Promise, $18,000*. She plans to attend Concordia University to study interior design.

Kalies Birkholz, daughter of Gregg and Sheryl, Watertown: Presidential Scholarship $15,000*. She plans to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College to study nursing.

Kelsey Birschbach, daughter of Jim and Sandi, Deforest: Wisconsin Lutheran College Collegiate Scholarship, $11,000*; WLC Partners in Christian Education, $2,000. Edgewood College, Heritage Scholarship, $6,000*; Keiser University, Merit scholarship, $9,000*;  Keiser Athletic Volleyball Scholarship. She plans to attend Martin Luther College for a degree in early childhood education.

Ashley Blanke, daughter of Bryan and Katherine, Watertown: Charles Carroll Scholarship, $17,000*. WLC Presidential Scholarship, $15,000*. Concordia Presidential Scholarship,  $15,000.* She plans to attend Carroll University to major in nursing.

Skyler Christianson, son of Jeffrey and Heidi, Janesville: UWM Engineering Excellence Scholarship, $12,000-$20,000*; Support for Undergraduate Research Fellow, $6,000; UW-Platteville Merit Scholarship, $1,000; UWW Faculty/Staff Endowment Scholarship, $960. He plans to attend UW-Milwaukee for a degree in engineering.

Sophia Collins, daughter of Clark and Tricia, Lake Mills: CUW Presidential Scholarship $14,000 per year*; CUW Luther Promise and Concordia Grants $6,000*; Lawrence University Light! More Light! Scholarship $23,000*; Lawrentian Award $2,000*; Main Hall Green Award $1,000*; Lawrence University Grant $1,500*; WLC Presidential Scholarship $15,000*; WLC Challenge Grant $2,000; WLC Partners in Christian Education Scholarship $2,000*; WLC Visit Scholarship $500*; Ripon Gleason Presidential Scholarship $27,000*; Lake Mills Sons of the American Legion Scholarship $500; Lake Mills Light and Water Scholarship, $500; Fort HealthCare Robert G. Handeyside Scholarship $2,000. She plans to attend Concordia University of Wisconsin to study Biomedical Sciences.

Alyssa Condon, daughter of Paul and Nancy, Juneau: FFA Alumni Scholarship, $500; Bypass Greenhouse Scholarship, $200; Marian University Trustee Scholarship, $10,000*; Marian Early Sabre Award, $500*; Marian Grant, $4,150*. She plans to attend Marian University for a degree in Biology.

Samantha DeNoyer, daughter of Matt and Jennifer, Fort Atkinson: Winona State University Presidential Honor Scholarship, $1,000*. She will attend Winona State University to study nursing.

Ashley Fritz, daughter of Brian and Tiffany, Middleton: Wisconsin Lutheran College Presidential Academic Scholarship $15,000*; WLC Music Scholarship $1,000*; Concordia Presidential Academic Scholarship $13,000*. She will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College to study Horticulture/ Landscape Architecture.

Jenna Gaal, daughter of Jeff and Jennifer, Oconomowoc: Educator’s Credit Union Scholarship, $2,000; WACPC Scholarship, $1,000. She will attend UW- Madison for a degree in Elementary & Special Education.

Noah Gartner, son of Steven and Kimberly, Lake Mills: Wisconsin Lutheran College Collegiate Scholarship, $11,000*. He will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College for a degree in nursing.

Kaitlyn Gehler, daughter of Kirk and Amy, Waterloo: University of Memphis Volleyball Scholarship. She will attend the University of Memphis to study Communications/Education.

Timothy Grant, son of Michael and Jessica, Sun Prairie: Wisconsin Lutheran College Academic Scholarship, 13,000*; WLC Partners in Christian Education Scholarship, $2,000*. He will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Kayla Grundman, daughter of Todd and Sherry, Lake Mills: Wisconsin Lutheran College Academic Scholarship, 15,000*. She will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College for a nursing or education degree.

Emma Guld, daughter of John and Nicole, Lake Mills: Wisconsin Lutheran College Presidential Scholarship, $15,000*; WLC Partners in Christian Education Scholarship, $2,000*; Marquette University Pere Marquette Scholarship, $17,000*. She will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College for a degree in biology (pre-med).

Isaac Heckmann, son of Matthew and Amy, Middleton: Wisconsin Lutheran College Presidential Scholarship $15,000*. He plans to attend UW- Madison to study finance.

Alexander Hoenecke, son of Henry and Rachel, Waunakee: Concordia University Wisconsin Presidential Scholarship, $12,000*; CUW Luther Promise Scholarship, $18,000*; Patrick Henry College Hudson P. Shedd Strategic Intelligence Scholarship, $4,000*. He will attend Concordia University Wisconsin for a degree in Justice and Public Policy.

Shannon Jones, daughter of Craig and Connie, Johnson Creek: UW-Stout Polytechnical Scholarship, $1,000*. She will attend UW-Stout to study pre-medicine.

Kelly Koch, daughter of Timothy and Rebecca, Watertown, Watertown: Regional Medical Center Medical Staff Scholarship, $1500*; Carroll University Merit Scholarship, $20,000*; Concordia University Merit Scholarship, $21,000*. She will attend UW- Madison for a degree in Biology, following up with masters in physician assistant studies.

Samantha Kohls, daughter of Michael and Joann, Waterloo: Martin Luther College Messenger Scholarship, $2,000*.  She will attend Martin Luther College, New Ulm, for a degree in early childhood education.

Isaiah Lenz, son of Michael and Joy, Oconomowoc: WLC Collegiate Scholarship. He will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Kaitlin Main, daughter of Bradley and Jennifer, Juneau: Wisconsin Lutheran College, Presidential Scholarship $15,000*. She will attend Moraine Park Technical College to become a registered nurse.

Ashley McLain, daughter of Robert and Deanna, Juneau: UW-Green Bay Amerhart Annual Scholarship, $1,000*; UW-GB Wisconsin Grant, $1,237; Sons of the American Legion Scholarship, $500. She will attend UW-Green Bay for a degree in psychology.

Melissa Murack, daughter of David and Lea, Sullivan: Bethany Lutheran College Luther Scholarship, $13,000*; BLC Christian High School Waiver, $2,000*; BLC Media Arts Scholarship, $2,000*; BLC Lisa Schlomer-Schneider Scholarship, $1,324; BLC Todd Johnson Memorial Scholarship, $1,000. She will attend Bethany Lutheran College for a media arts major.

Maria Murray, daughter of LoToya Murray of Middleton: Wisconsin Lutheran College Collegiate Scholarship, $13,000*. She will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College for a degree in sports and exercise science.

James Neuberger, son of Dan and Dawn, Lake Mills: Wisconsin Lutheran College Presidential Scholarship, $15,000*; Concordia University Wisconsin Presidential Scholarship, $15,000*; Valparaiso University Presidential Scholarship, $24,000*; Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship, $2,500*; Academic Excellence Scholarship, $2,250*; WLC Partners in Christian Education Scholarship, $2,000*; Lake Mills Rotary Scholarship – $1,000; Robert Muerhrcke Scholar-Athlete Award $7,000*; Fort HealthCare Robert G. Handeyside Scholarship $1,500. He will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College for a degree in biochemistry, pre-pharmacy.

Ian Olson, son of Erica and Erika, Sun Prairie: Carroll University Charles Carroll Scholar, $17,000*; Donor Sponsored Grant, $1,250*. He will attend Carroll University to study nursing.

Cade Olszewski, son of Monte and Amy, Johnson Creek: Winona State football athletic scholarship. He will attend Winona State for coaching.

Dustin Pampel, son of John and Julie, Johnson Creek: Southwest Minnesota State University football athletic scholarship. He will attend Southwest Minnesota State University for business.

Devon Perkins, son of Brett and Heather, Madison: Boston University Grant, $52,000*.  He will attend Boston University.

Eric Pillard, son of Paul and Brenda, Oconomowoc: UW-Whitewater Waukesha County Snowmobile Association Scholarship, $750 total. UW-Whitewater New Student Scholar, $1,000. He will attend UW-Whitewater for a business degree in finance/investment and banking.

Charles Pingel, son of Jim and Renae, Sun Prairie: Drake University Presidential scholarship, $20,000*. He will attend Drake University.

Tyler Punzel, son of Dale and Laura, Watertown: Wisconsin Lutheran College Presidential Scholarship, $15,000*. He will attend WLC for a major in pre-medicine.

Emily Raymond, daughter of Kyle and Amy, Sun Prairie: Ryan J. Zweifel Memorial Scholarship, $2,500. She will attend Martin Luther College to study elementary education.

Amber Rowoldt, daughter of Patrick and Sandra, Watertown: Palm Beach Atlantic Deans Scholarship, $15,000*. She will attend Palm Beach Atlantic to study business management.

Katharina Schleef, daughter of Todd and Kay, Watertown: Wisconsin Lutheran College Academic Scholarship, $13,000*; WLC General Endowed Scholarship, $1,000*; WLC Regents Grant, $2,030; WLC Partners in Christian Education Scholarship, $2,000; WLC Visit Scholarship, $500. She will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College for a degree in communicative arts.

Emelyn Schoeller, daughter of Todd and Michelle, Helenville: UW-River Falls Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, $2,000*. She will attend UW-River Falls to become a veterinary technician.

Meghan Splinter, daughter of Dan and Cheryl, Ixonia: Warrior Scholarship In Memory of Morgan Turnquist, $500. She will attend Waukesha County Technical College to study early childhood education.

Sarah Taylor Evert, daughter of David and Jennie, Beaver Dam: Beaver Dam Scholarship Foundation Richard and Phyllis Frederick Scholarship, $2,250*. She will attend Martin Luther College for a degree in elementary education.

Emily Weber, daughter of Jeff and Rebecca, Helenville: Wisconsin Lutheran College Presidential Scholarship, $15,000*; WLC Partners in Christian Education, $2,000*; Lakeside Lutheran FFA Alumni Scholarship $500. She will attend WLC to major in biology and business.

Gerald Weber, son of Eugene and Mary, Sun Prairie: Zachary Moyle Memorial Scholarship Martin Luther College, $2,500. He will attend Martin Luther College to become a pastor.

Ellie Westrate, Calvin College Mosaic Award, $4,000*. Calvin College Dean’s Scholarship, $10,000*. She will attend Calvin College to study kinesiology and nutrition.

Matthias Winters, son of Jim and Kimara, Watertown: Milwaukee School of Engineering Academic Merit Scholarships, $15,000*; Destination MSOE Scholarship, $3,000*; MSOE Summer Programs Scholarship, $1,000*; Watertown Conservation Scholarship, $1,000; National Army ROTC Scholarship, $37,980*. He will attend Milwaukee School of Engineering for a degree in industrial engineering.

2018 Academic Top 10 announced


The Lakeside Lutheran “Top Ten” students in the class of 2018 were guests of honor at the May 14 Capitol Conference Honors Banquet in Madison. They are (front, from left) James Neuberger, Skyler Christianson, Zachary Cichanofsky, Jenna Gaal, Sarah Taylor Evert, Principal James Grasby, Seated: Emma Guld, Kelly Koch, Matthias Winters, Morgan Thiele, Kalies Birkholz.


Lakeside Lutheran High School announced its Academic Top Ten from the Class of 2018. These individuals cumulatively earned 289.5 high school credits, an average of slightly above 28.9 credits each; 26 credits are needed to graduate.  Their grade point averages range from 3.83 to 4.000—a difference of only 17/100ths of a grade point. In one case, the difference in grade point between two of the Top Ten was 1/1000th of a point. They had a 98.5% daily attendance rate and were on-time to class in excess of 99.9% of the time. Their profiles, in alphabetical order, follow:

Birkholz, Kalies(Edited)Top 10 Kalies Birkholz, daughter of Gregg and Sheryl, is a member at Trinity in Watertown where she volunteers as a Sunday school helper. She will head to Wisconsin Lutheran College to study nursing. “My goals for the future are to start a loving family, and I want to become a nurse and help people feel better,” she says. She received the Presidential scholarship for WLC.

At Lakeside, Kalies participated in Teens For Christ, National Honor Society, track and basketball. She received the WIAA Scholar-Athlete Award and was named first team all-conference for basketball. “What I liked best about Lakeside was my experience on the basketball team. I became good friends with girls that I probably never would have if we weren’t on the same team together. Team dinners and team bonding were always fun,” she says. “Another thing I liked about Lakeside is that all the teachers know you. You’re not just a random face. They care about you and your interests and your faith.”

Christianson, Skyler(edited)Top 10 Skyler Christianson, son of Jeffrey and Heidi, is a member of St. Matthew, Janesville, where he has served as an usher, church cleaner and served at both Christmas and Easter for Kids. He will attend UW-Milwaukee for a degree in Computer Engineering. “I want to work work hard to achieve success in my career, get married and have a family, and travel throughout the United States as well as internationally,” he says. He received the UWM Engineering Excellence Scholarship and Support for Undergraduate Research Fellow.

At Lakeside he participated in soccer, basketball, baseball, math team, band, percussion ensemble, A Cappella Choir, Swing Choir, National Honor Society, STEM Club, and Student Council. He received an Honorable Mention-All Conference in soccer and went to state for both Percussion Ensemble and Swing Choir. “It has been a blessing to have God’s word at the center of all my classes. My teachers really cared about me and my education. Being involved in sports and music activities let me develop friendships that will last a lifetime. It also taught me to work hard and allowed to me to have fun and enjoy success at something I love doing,” he says.

In his community, he volunteered at Twice is Nice, ECHO (Everyone Cooperating to Help Others), blood drives, Lighthouse Milwaukee, and St. Matthew Oconomowoc Live Nativity.

Cichanofsky, Zachary(edited)Top 10 Zachary Cichanofsky, son of Michael and Shelly, Watertown, will attend Waukesha County Technical College to study Diesel Equipment Technology. “Long term I would like to one day have my own truck repair shop and towing services,” he says.

During high school, he has been involved with National Honor Society and volunteered at Twice as Nice. “What I like best about my Lakeside years was all of the good memories I have made. I have enjoyed taking tech ed classes and broadening my horizon in different areas, learning how to work with different tools and pieces of equipment that I have never used before,” he says. “One final thing that I liked is having Christ-centered classes.” He is active at his home church, St. Luke, Watertown, where he helps usher, videotape, and run the projector.

Gaal, Jenna(edited)Top 10 Jenna Gaal, daughter of Jeff & Jennifer, Oconomowoc, will attend UWMadison to study elementary & special education. Through her bank, she received the Educators Credit Union Scholarship and she also received the Wisconsin Association of Cheer/Pom Coaches Inc. Scholarship.

While at LLHS, she participated on Dance Team (senior captain), NHS (treasurer), A Cappella Choir, Swing Choir (choreographer), forensics, piano, newspaper, Operation Go mission trips, Teens for Christ, yearbook, track and field, WSMA, and helped at dance camps. She received the Christian Leadership, Dedication, and Growth Award for the 2017 fall dance season, gold and silver medals for WHSFA Forensics, State WSMA Awards, and had perfect attendance in 2014-15. She also “started the Croc trend at Lakeside,” she claims. At her home congregation, St. Matthew, she has served by playing violin for church, helping with Sunday School, and the live nativity. She also worked at Camp B.A.S.I.C. and gave studio dance lessons. “I love how Lakeside has so many considerate teachers who are passionate about their job. I also love how there is so much to get involved in, where close bonds are created all while doing something that’s enjoyable. Those Christian friendships are something that will not be taken for granted as I venture off to a public university 100 times the size of Lakeside,” she says.

Guld, Emma(edited)Top 10 Emma Guld, daughter of John and Nicole, is a member at St. Paul in Lake Mills. While at Lakeside, she participated in STEM Club, forensics, drama, Teens For Christ, cross-country, basketball, student council, NHS, and Badger Girls State. I love all the people I have met, and all of the great teachers,” she says. “A Cappella choir and Calculus class both somehow make everyday a little brighter.”

In the fall she will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College to study biology (pre-med). She received the WLC Presidential Scholarship. “I want to go to college, med-school, and then work as a dermatologist,” she says.

Koch, Kelly(edited)Valedictorian Kelly Koch, daughter of Tim and Rebecca, is a member at Trinity Lutheran Church, Watertown. She will head to UWMadison for undergraduate biology, and then a graduate in Physician Assistant Studies.

At Lakeside, Kelly participated in Volleyball, Softball, Basketball. Math Team, as a Milwaukee Lighthouse Volunteer, Twice is Nice Volunteer. National Honor Society, Teens for Christ, and youth volleyball camps. In the community, she participated in Night to Shine and Soles for Jesus, as well as a Music and Memory Program at Sylvan Crossings. At her church, she helped with their Fall Festival, Easter for Kids, and Live Nativity. She also played club volleyball and softball. “I enjoyed making so many new friends and having an awesome Christian education,” she says. “I also loved playing on the different sports teams. It was also really amazing to win State for volleyball this past fall.”

The April Student Rotarian in Lake Mills, she also received Watertown Regional Medical Center Medical Staff Scholarship. In addition to her career, she “also would love to travel around the world and help out in my community with various activities.”

Neuberger, James(edited)Valedictorian James Neuberger, son of Dan and Dawn, Lake Mills, will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College to study Biochemistry enroute to becoming a pharmacist. “One of my main goals is to find a way to make more practical drugs that people can use to help with everyday problems, while also looking for a way to use drugs and bacteriophages to combat terminal illnesses or prevent illnesses from taking a foothold in the human body.”

A National Merit Commendable Student, Neuberger received the Academic Excellence Scholarship, WLC Presidential Scholarship, WLC General Endowment Scholarship Fund, Partners in Christian Education Scholarship, Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship, Robert Muehrcke Foundation Scholar Athlete Award, Fort Healthcare Handeyside Memorial Scholarship, Lake Mills Rotary Club Scholarship, Optimist Leadership Recipient.

While at Lakeside, he participated in cross country, basketball, soccer, and track, where he was a sectional qualifier and was on second team all-conference. He was a Badger Boys State Representative, Lake Mills Junior Rotarian, and a member of the National Honor Society. He also participated on the math team and served as a captain, academic bowl team, Teens for Christ, STEM Club, Drama and A Cappella Choir. He also had perfect attendance all four years.

In the community, he volunteered at St. Vincent DePaul, Twice is Nice, Relay for Life, Police Department Night Out Against Crime, Lake Mills Rotary Soccer Concessions, and Milwaukee Lighthouse Youth Center. At his church, St. Paul Lutheran, he helped with vacation Bible school and Advent, Lent, and Easter meals. “What I liked best about my years at Lakeside was being able to form bonds that go beyond the term of friends, as I see many of my fellow classmates as more like family to me,” he says. “It’s incredible to have the trust we have in each other and the support that we all look to provide. I never felt like I was truly alone in anything because I knew I always had my friends and teachers to back me in my endeavors.”

Taylor-Evert, Sarah(edited)Salutatorian Sarah Taylor Evert, daughter of Dave and Jennie, Beaver Dam, will attend Martin Luther College for a degree in Elementary Education. “My major goal for the future is to become an elementary school teacher.” she says. From MLC, she received the Messenger scholarship. She was also awarded the Richard and Phyllis Frederick Scholarship from the Beaver Dam Scholarship Foundation.

A member of St. Stephen’s Beaver Dam, Sarah participated in Yearbook, Handbells and sang in her church choir. Lakeside is a great school that has encouraged me to grow in my faith. The environment of the school and the friends that I have made helped make the past two years an amazing time and continue to encourage me as I grow.”

Thiele, Morgan(Edited)Top 10 Morgan Thiele, is the daughter of Dan and Teresa, Poynette. She has been accepted into the Honors College and Nurse Scholars Program at UW-Oshkosh, where she will study nursing and become a nurse practitioner or midwife.

A member at Holy Cross Lutheran in Madison, Thiele participated in National Honors Society, Teens for Christ, Forensics, STEM Club, volleyball, and track. “The last four years have been a blessing. Surrounded by Christian friends, I have built friendships that will last a lifetime. I have really appreciated knowing my teachers on a personal level and learning from them every day,” she says.

Winters, Matthias(edited)Top 10 Matthias Winters, son of Jim and Kimara, Watertown, will head to Milwaukee School of Engineering for an Industrial Engineering degree. Accepted into MSOE University Scholars Honors Program. After college, his goal “first and foremost, is to have a family,” he says. “Other goals are being an Army officer and graduating college with high honors.” Winters is the recipient of a National Army ROTC Scholarship, and he received the MSOE Academic Merit Scholarship, the Destination MSOE scholarship, MSOE Summer Programs Scholarship, and the Watertown Conservation Scholarship.

At Lakeside, Winters participated in band, choir, math team, football, NHS, piano, STEM Club, student council, and track. He received three outstanding musician awards, two second team all-conference awards in football and the WIAA Scholar-Athlete Award. At his church, St. Luke, he ushers and plays in the church band and on the softball team, “My single favorite extracurricular at Lakeside would be football,” he says. “However, I enjoyed being involved in so many different activities at the same time. It was great getting to get to know—on a more personal level—so many different types of people.”